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Mystical Journey

Mystic Quest : In the beginning.....

"Soldiers, this is an important journey, you are to listen to Cypher's request's, he is your leader, obey him at all costs. You may even learn something from him".
"Maybe...." cypher said smirking. Cypher was an elite soldier who shows great power over his peers. With the combination of his attitude and trememndous fighting abiltiy, he had no equal, besides of course the great Valmar, who was the overlord of all the soldiers, including Cypher. This quest Cypher was with a new group of rookie soldiers who were drafted only a few days ago. Although all the high ranked rookies got the attention, Storm showed the greatest ability of them all. The only reason he wasn't ranked higher was because although he has incredible power, he was no control over it and it's too much for his body to handle, therefore sending him out of control due to frustration of not being able to fully utilize his strength. Needless to say Storm wasn't the guy you joke around with, he's a very serious person, and cold hearted at that. So obviously, storm wasn't to keen on taking orders from another soldier, however he didn't resist.

The journey they were about to embark on was a journey to a planet call Keman to do war with another race that threatned to overtake valmar. Valmar was very confident that his soldiers could wipe out Keman very quickly, he even sent his lowest class soldiers(besides Cypher) to battle them. .

The Soldiers boarded the Space Crafts they were assigned to and headed to Keman........

Mystic Quest : The Ride To Keman.....

On the ride to Keman, the rookie soldiers we're having fun, playing games, and laughing at each others jokes. The rookie soldiers ages ranged only from 13-15, so they were very youthful, but power for their young age.

But, Storm wasn't like the rest of the soldiers, while he was young himself, 15, he wasn't in the mood for fun and games. Instead he say in a corner away from the rest of the group with his eyes closed focusing to get ready for the battle ahead.

" That young man over there doesn't look to happy like the rest. Which is good, that means he understands that no battle is a cake walk, like the the others think." Cypher commented. "I think he's going to catch valmar off guard, I mean just look at him, so calm...but that ignorance on his reminds me of someone.Oh well, maybe someday he'll become like me!" cypher said, still showing his arrogance.

Suddenly, the soldiers celebrations stopped due to an interruption through the radio communications system, featuring an announcement from Goro the head speaker for the keman , saying " Why hello there Valmarians! I hope you're having a safe journey! But enough of the pleasantries, I have a special announcement to make. We have formed an alliance with the Tauras who are on there way now to Keman! So if I were you, I'd turn around now before we vaporize your entire pathetic race."

While the rest of the soldiers with the exception of storm were terrified, cypher was smirking the whole time and calmly replied "But if you made an alliance with the tauras just now, that means that they're just leaving now. We've been in the air for over seven hours now. Looks like they won't be able to make it time." cypher said with a sickening smile. But Goro simply laughed at him and said" Just where have you been cypher? It's sad those poor valmarians have to follow your poor leadership. Confused? Let me fill you in, the taura's are known for their great technology, it's so great, in fact, they are praised across the universe for their technological power. Meaning their crafts are so fast they'll actually arrive earlier then yours! HaHaHa! Bye bye now!"

Cypher was insulted, and was even more determined to get to keman as fast as possible and crush them, not only kill them, but make every single one of them suffer a slow and painful death.

To do this of course, he'd need to train, but he felt there were no worthy soldiers on the craft to compete on his level. That is until Storm got up and spoke his mind.....

Mystic Quest : Internal Warfare....

" You think you're so great, huh? Well let me tell you how i see it, I see you as nothing more then a soldier with no honor, and no care for those below him, and on top of that, you really aren't that strong either, you only make yourself look strong by battling those who are much weaker then you, it amazes me how Valmar could possibly see you as the warrior destined to be the new overlord!"

Cypher couldn't believe storm had the nerve to challenge him so boldly but showed no signs of backing down from a battle with him " Ok your on, I must say i DO admire your courage, but let's be honest, you're no match for my ablities...but i'll gladly pummel you in the training room, so lets proceed."

"Lets" storm replied.
So they made their way to the training room where they would do battle, Storm was definitely the underdog, because even though he was drafted, he trained alone so nobody knew what to expect from him. However they still expected Storm to get crushed in a matter of minutes.

"Here it is,the training room, i do hope you don't turn around now." cypher said.
Storm replied with a cold stare, showing his confidence.

"You seem eager to get things started, so let's enter"Cypher said laughing.

Cypher led the way into the training room, followed by Storm. The battle started off with a stare down, cypher smiling, and storm with a serious look on his face.

"This is your last chance to turn back, once the door closes it's over." Storm didn't do anything for a minute but then suddenly had a smirk on his face.

Battle: Cypher Vs. Storm

After the smirk he quickly disappeared and reappeared behind cypher catching cypher off guard, with a sever spinning kick to the side of cypher's head, sending cypher to the deck.

The number one draftee Mareg commented "If i'm not mistaken, storm got the best of cypher on that attack" sounding surprised.

But cypher obviously wasn't finished, as he got up and quickly turned around and sent a one handed energy blast at storm. Storm prepared to deflect the attack, but there was too much force behind it to handle, and storm was nearly vaporized.

Everyone expected it to be over,and when the smoke cleared, it appeared he was finished, but to everyone's surprise including cypher, Storm was in the air soaring above cypher, with a sword in his hand. He came flying down towards Cypher ready to cut him in two but missed and cypher landed an uppercut that sent Storm flying, and while he was in the air, cypher axe handled storm to the ground.

"I must say I'm impressed storm, you are far more powerful than i expected, but unfortunately for you, you are inferior to my powers." cypher told Storm.

" Unfortunately I can't kill you, because Valmar wants me to treat rookies well, so I'll spare you.

"Cypher! Cypher! We're within 4000 kilometers of Keman! Get ready for battle!

"Damn! Troops get ready for combat! We're enclosing on keman! Doctor! Get storm to a rejuvenation chamber quickly!"

Mystic Quest : Touchdown on Keman...

Storm was carried by Mareg to the Rejuvenation chamber. "You take it from here doc" mareg said. Storm was completely immobilized, and was in a trans. The doctor put him in his rejuvenation pod, in hopes of getting back in tip-top shape within an hour. Meaning he wouldn't be ready for the opening battle on Keman. Cypher wasn't worried however, he figured mareg and the rest of the soldiers would be enough.

"They shouldn't know we're coming this early, so we should be able to blow up some villages before we get into actual combat" cypher said.

"But would if the Tauras are there! Surely their technology includes tracking devices. They probably know the exact moment we'll land!" Mareg mentioned.

"Good point, but what are they going to do to us if we land right in front of their faces? They have no experience as fighters whatsoever. They're more into the technology area then the fighting. All we have to do is attack them with a good strategy, and they're goners."

Suddenly a computer generated announcement came on "Approaching keman's atmosphere in 10 seconds and counting"

"Everyone be seated with their belts on!" Cypher yelled.

They were all locked in, and entered the atmosphere.

"Finally i'll get to see if all that training was worth it" mareg said in his head.

BOOM! "We've landed boys!" cypher said

"Everyone ready? Remember the group letter you were given by Valmar?

"Yeah!" all the eager rookies yelled

"Good, because that's how we'll attack, each it can't be"

The Keman we're already attacking the spacecraft's sent to their planet. Cypher knew that all battle plans had to be thrown out, and that they'd have to attack the keman head on.

"Damn it, they must have found us using the taura's tracking devices" mareg told cypher.

".....we have no choice but to attack head on....get out of the spacecraft and attack! Your lives depend on it!"

Mystical Journey: The war begins...

The soldiers exited the craft without hesitation, but then cypher remembered Storm., and was about to save him, but he then decided he wasn't wart h risking his life for and left the ship to organize his army of men.

As soon as cypher exited the craft he saw his army getting crushed. Sward, the number one draftee was already down and on the ground, cypher knew he'd have to enter combat.

But he also knew that he'd need more men to ever stand a chance, but he had no way of calling in more men. "Hmm....Tom!" cypher yelled "" said tom, a second round pick in the draft. "Yes you, I remember reading in the scouting reports that you excelled on hunts. So then surely you could find a dead keman soldier and take his radio communicator of his belt?" cypher asked. Tom smiled"Finally! Something I can do to help the army, consider it done!"

Tom was moving in with a body guard, and he soon realized something....there were no dead keman or taura soldiers. The valmarians were getting crushed. Of the 4,000 generals only 142 remained. Of 15,000 rookie soldiers only 3,520 remained. And of the 2,000 doctors sent only 384 remained. The valmarians were outnumbered to begin with, but now they faced a no chance of survival situation.

Cypher was very angry that such an "insolent" race could do what they were doing to his army. So cypher took immediate action and sent his group back into his SpaceCraft.

His plan however was not to escape the planet. He noticed that the tauras were no where to be found, and that the machines the keman were using were very immobile. So he was going to use them to escape to a far away region on the planet, so they could use their original battle strategy and take control of the war.

"You remember the original battle plans right Sward?" asked cypher. "Umm...well sort of but could we go over the, again?" Sward replied.

"And you expect to be a future first class warrior? Hmph oh well, I probably would've went over them again anyway, so let's go over them."

Battle Plans

I.Attack local villages where there are no experienced warriors.
II.Get as much information and supplies as possible from the villages.
III. After villages are burnt and everyone is killed, turn the village into a valmarian army base, this will give us control over key areas.
IV. Try to capture Keman and Taura soldiers, not kill them. Bring them back to the spacecraft or Base, question them and then execute them.
V. Main Goal: Capture Wallobia, the main headquarters for the Keman battle strategy's.
VI.Find where the taura's are located.

"Well those are the plans, and remember we must find the tauras, or else we'll end up fighting two wars instead of one" cypher noted.

Suddenly an alert came on and the computer detected something"A spy has been found! Located on the lower deck of the craft in the security room!

Mystical Journey: More then one spy?

"Damn! Troops scatter the craft and locate the spy! The security room is tough to get at, you have to go through the engine room, and up the stairs, and thorugh the air duct to enter unnoticed. Remember, in the security room there are cameras searching everywhere, the spy is anticipating your arrival, so you'll have to go quietly through the air duct, got it?"

"Yes sir!" the troops replied enthusiastically. "Oh and Sward , check on Storm, i hate to say it but we're going to need him." cypher said.

Sward nodded and departed to the rejuvenation chamber.

"Damn this planet is huge! How much further till we get to the local villages?" cypher asked.

"Well, according to the computers we're within 2,800 kilometers. But we can't go as fast as we can in space due to the atmosphere. If we went too fast the craft would blow up" the veteran captain replied.

"Hmm, ok good enough, it'll still be awhile so I'll try and take a nap." cypher said.

But just as Cypher was ready to rest, there was even more trouble, Mareg came rushing back to report something that shocked cypher as much as anyone else.

"Cypher! Cypher! Storm is gone! The rejuvenation pod was blown open! He isn't there!" Mareg reported.
"DAMN IT! Why does he have to do this in this situation?!" Cypher said angered.

Just then, a low class soldier came back from the lower level of the craft. "Cypher, my deepest apologies, but it appears that there is more then one spy. And on top of that, a few troops are poisoned because of gas in the air ducts" the soldier reported. "It can't be!" Cypher said shocked.

Mystical Journey: Find The Spies!

There was too much going on for Cypher to keep track of, he knew that they couldn't get off the ship to burn the villages if there were spies in it, but he also knew that the Keman were trailing behind so they couldn't stop. Cypher was thinking of doing what everyone on the ship was telling him to do: Leave the planet as soon as possible.

But first, something had to be done about the spies, otherwise the plan to escape was useless. "Everyone listen up! Before we devise a plan, we must get rid of the spies. So, I'm ordering Group A to search the bottom floor. Group B will search in here, because as far as we know, the spy could be in this room. Check everyone for ID. That is all, deploy!" Cypher announced.

So they all left for assigned positions. At this point everything was calm in the main room, which only featured an injured Mareg, two pilots, and Cypher.
"Cypher, have noticed something strange about Storm?" asked mareg. "Like what?" cypher replied. "Like you know, those mysterious glowing eyes. How they get brighter during a battle? When he was fighting you..." "Listen, mareg. I understand that you're curious, but it's none of your concern." cypher interrupted.

Suddenly, there was a message on the main screen. It was from Storm. It said:

I have seceded from the Valmarian empire, you have lied to me in the past and I'm leaving to go on a quest of my own. I'm going to learn where I came from, since I never did find out. Why is it that I have no father? But yet I have a Mother, who is supposedly still alive. Did he die? Did he abandon me? You were involved with ruining my past. So don't think you've seen the last of me, because in the long run i'll be back. I've seen prophetic dreams, and all I can say to your empire is....Beware, Oblivion Is At Hand.


P.S: There are no spies, that was just my way of getting you alone.

Cypher didn't know what to say. And what was more puzzling was how he left the craft. "Strange letter, and unfortunate too, Storm was a strong force. But don't believe him about the prophecy, thing. That's just too far-fetched." said Sward. But apparently Cypher knew better then to go along with what Sward said. He knew something Sward didn't. "There are no spies aboard, meaning there is no reason for us to remain on this planet. We must go. Lord Valmar will be disappointed, but i'm sure he'll understand."

So they proceeded, upwards towards the sky and back home. Hoping that Valmar would understand the decision Cypher made to withdraw. Cypher and the others were wondering where exactly Storm went. Sward knew enough to know that Cypher knew Storm longer then he thought. And that there was some sort of conflict in the past between the two. However, he decided not to ask about it, for Cypher would be angry with him.

Mystical Journey: Storms Quest

Storm was aboard his own spacecraft that was designed for a single person. Storm's destination was the his home planet Cedar, which is well over 400,000 kilometers away. Storms past is still unknown. Even he doesn't know who or where his father is. He doesn't know what race he is. You'd think he'd be a Cedarian, because he was born on Cedar. However, this isn't the case. A Cedarian is much taller, and doesn't have the powers that storm possesses. Also Storms appearance is much different then a Cedarian. His hair grows in different directions, while most cedarians simply grow flat.

Storm was getting tired of the long ride, and decided to take a nap since there wasn't much in the small craft to do. So he slept. And he began having a prophetic dream:

"Storm, You are the chosen one. The power that lies within you is greater then anything in the universe. But it has yet to be shown. You must continue to develop your great skills and then you will one day become the strongest being in the universe. You are looking too hard for me. I am existent in your mind and in your words. I am existent in the air you breathe. In the ground that you walk on, and in your talents. You are the son of your creator."(I'm just stopping here for now)
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