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Bye Forever


She met him in her freshmen year of highschool.
She remembers the very first time they talked, the
way he looked at her with his deep dark brown eyes.
The more they talked the more she hated life.
She knew he would never go for her because she
wasn't his type. But the guy who liked her was his
best friend. "WHY CAN'T IT BE HIM!" she would scream.
She knew her admirer since Kindergarden. He wrote
her poems and drew her drawings and was the sweetest
guy alive. But still, she didn't have the one she
wanted. She would do anything just to be with him for
one day. So, one day, she went to school acting quit
different. She told both guys to meet her at the park
at 7:30. That afternoon, she went home and wrote two
letters, one to her dream guy and the other to her admirer.
She wrote a letter to her family and sealed it with a kiss.
She took the black shiny thing out of the closet and drove
to the park. As she drove up with tears in her eyes, she
saw the two guys sitting at the white bench. She got out
and walked over to both of the guys. Her dream guy said,
DRAG US OUT HERE?!" Her admirer just looked at her and smiled.
She looked at both guys and handed them their letter. She said,
"Read them to yourself." They opened their letter and they read....

My love, My Admirer,
I loved you, You loved me
you ignored me. I ignored you.
Why couldn't you Why couldn't I
give me a chance? give you a chance?
You missed your I missed my chance
chance to be with me! to be with you!
~Forever~ ~Forever~

Both guys looked up at her. She was smiling and brought
her hands from behind her back. In her hand was a black,
shiny thing that she got from her parents closet, a gun!
She looked at them and said "I'm Sorry." She pulled the
trigger and fell to the floor. Blood was everywhere. Both
guys fell to the floor in shock. Her Dream Guy knew he lost
someone who cared a lot about him. Her Admirer stared in shock
and disbelief thinking "Why, I loved her so much!?" He looked
at her once more, bent down towards her cheek, kissed her softly
and with tears pouring out, said......


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