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The Meeting Place

He was in no hurry to reach the distant woods. The fragance of a
thousand flowers still jolted his senses. Is it the surrounding
grass or just the solemness in him that was giving him a headache,
he would'nt know. Day's work had been done with no sweat. A sense
of accomplishment had been loomin over his forehead. Yet it was the
thought of that someone that was giving him the lonely feeling and
an unknown discomfort.As much as he tried to enjoy the sullen sunset
the thoughts of that person was lingering. Briskly he paced down a
narrow passage seemily made by those very enterprising comrades
in arms for reasons he would not fathom.

She was to meet him at least an hour ago way before sunset. Her
voice echoed in his mind like a solitary note. .Perhaps she has
no interest in him or may be it is that fella with a sharp look
who has captured her mind, he wondered. The thought of having missed
the meeting that he had cherished so much was pricking his soul.
She was the dream of his youth. The calmness was occassionally
interrputed by the shrilling hurrays of a group of children playing
nearby. He was getting closer to his place and the familiarity of
the surroundings were no solace to his agitated mind.

As he was still lost in thoughts of that meeting that never took
place he slowly entered his place. It was then that the ancient
cave man realized that his cave, that dark chamber, had an
unwelcome guest. The hungry beast had caught him by surprise. The
darkness of the cave was only punctuated by the piercing sight of
the lurking predator. With a powerful lunge the monster in darkness
thrust its weight on the falling man. As he was being overpowered by
the mighty beast, he leapt with the strength of a hundred fierce
hunters to give a desperate parting blow to the fearless creature.
But then he heard the shivering sound of a spear ripping through the
beast. As he slowly lost his consciouness due to fatigue he could
see in the corner of his eye a delicate figure standing at the
entrance to the cave. As the caveman slowly closed his eyes his
mind raced through the events of the last few seconds and only
then he was begining to grasp why his mate was not at the meeting

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