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The first man reincarnated still lives in New York in his county of Kings . Being reincarnated many times in his native land of Turks & Caicos Islands . Known since 1984 as Kevin Lee who came to America as a boy simply named Lloyd or King George V . When checking his official records it was discovered that he was King Jesus Christ the only living God . With many historic stats and titles like Abdullah Yusef Ali , America , Lord King George , Jesus Christ and more . On record he's been living through reincarnation since the 17th century . In the 19th century the King and his sons have fought many wars defeating Masonic Slave Masters , Political Asylum Camps , Hydeʼs , purgatory , exile prisons and other societyʼs claiming land or power source's stolen from the Kings home's and secret rooms when he was tranquilized to a kid . Since the 1900's its been a proven fact that King Jesus Christ known in the 1930's as Yusuf or King George living in Turks & Caicos Islands as Yusef and England as the king at this time . Reincarnated again around the 1950's he used the name Lloyd George Been after a murder attempt in 1952 . When family cloned this body in the 1954's and attempt to murder him he changed his name to Lord George Been or Kingsley Been in salute of remembering his governing name King George . In the 1980's the King reached accurate age to excepted his inheritance when he started his new business venture DEF JAM RECORDINGS . In 1983 he was victimized by this tranquilization and now reaches accurate age to receive business investments and more .

List of Legal names and variations used since 1908



We would like to alert the family and friends of Lloyd George or Loyd Been of Turks & Caicos Island Loyd Know confirmed to be named Kevin Lee or Kingsley Been living in Brooklyn NYC has been a victim of a identity theft crisis . Please be alert any people who have no knowledge of their father from birth since 1908 and have received money from anyone under the name George Albert , Albert George , George Been , Lloyd Been , Lloyd George, Yusef Ali , Yusuf Ali , Abdullah Y Ali , Kevin Lee , Kingsley Lee , Kingsley Been or Nashawn Lee should be aware that Kevin is their biological father or Grandfather and is still living . Several individual who were trusted with documents and money from Lloyd Been have been cooperating in a Identity theft scam were they mislead and sometime threaten people to not talk about the reincarnation of their father others were lied to and told their father was dead . Please be aware we send or deepest regrets for anyone who was mislead or told false information in the past of their fathers life for family and friends who would like to meet the father for the first time or be reintroduces because of his slight memory loss you can reach him.

Since 1954 its been proven fact that reincarnation is a fact of life compared to religion in theory . Like religion , some you may not take part in or believe but its fact theirs other religions besides yours . Reincarnations is proven in the case of George Albert later Known as Lloyd George where family gave alias of the King to other family members to claim inheritance and bank accounts , left by the King this scam has not stopped even to date . Because city , state and federal officials haven’t made the proper business changes for this new structure in American society . These officials have ignored these developments starting in Turks & Caicos where there have been many activist religious & iconic figures that have visited and believe Loyd is reincarnated because of his work in human carnarligy , precincts also have many reports of these cases historic figures abducted to “Exile” in unbelievable manners and some emigrants migrated from Turk and Caicos Island using multiple alias of the King .

List of Alias and different variations used by Identity theft scam circles all transferred to the name Kevin Lee since 1984 . Sun , Abdullah Yusef Ali , Abdullah Yusuf Ali , Abdullah Yusif Ali , George Been , Yusef Ali , Loyd George , Lloyd George Been , Lloyd Been , George Albert , Albert George , Kingsley Been , Kingsley Lee, Kevin Lee , Nashawn Lee , Loyd Lee , Kenneth Lee


What is Reincarnation?

Reincarnation is the act of your soul or spirit exchanging or transferring body's . There are many forms of reincarnation because of the various reasons reincarnation came about . Cloning is one form of reincarnation , tranquilization , reborn carnation , illegal reincarnation & modern reincarnation . Derived from the word "Carnation" meaning human life or living vessel . For many century's is has been what some may call beyond human knowledge . The explanation of the material or substance human skin or body organs are made of . Reincarnation was thought to be myth till after the "Civil War" . The Civil War was the freeing of slaves some from concentration camps some held in Masonic Slave Camps after getting caught using the "Underground Railroad " to escape . But the method used by King Jesus and his Royal Army can't be explained to date . Some of the enslaved still live today . That’s where names Abdullah Ali , Mary, Kathy ,Steve and more became popular when reaching the states the Federal Government offered these people numbers when the King heard of this he was furious and gave them citizenship in America . Reincarnation was ignored by public officials for decades. This decade its important to teach about reincarnation because of the degradation to your body's . The Federal Government and F.B.I agency's have brought the people of the world harm to their body because of the unknowledgeable personnel holding and operating the "Kings" power source device's and historic documents. Disease is one bodily harm that the two agency's have caused with know proper understanding of human Life ."It takes a human corps and soul to make a human body" when some of the slaves were freed the souls were sent to any body on land Souls carry feminine Jean.


Investigation Summary

We at the Royal Commission would like the world to be alert of historical facts and updates in modern civilization . This year marks the end of a decade and brings the Mason’ s Myth of the end of the world , being the destruction of human civilization . For the last century the case of George Albert has been opened and closed many times with the concluding investigation resulting in his reincarnation ,ethnic transformation surgery , non voluntarily by family and friends of the King . Many celebrity’ s , historic & iconic figures have made this case of King George a laughing matter because of the social uncomfortably . In King George’ s case in 2009 at the age of 25 years old he has 75 year old children not to many feel comfortable saying their father is a boy , or what if your daughter is 20 and your 25 it sounds like a good story but its fact . Now with the F.B.I and C.I.A being investigated for the cover up of these details and the mishandling of the Kings property since 1952 being that he was a mere boy awaiting his belongings and inheritance . The F.B.I was formed because of the case of King George in the 40’ s documents were found that he left his body a day before his death . Experimenting reincarnation . When the Queen at the time found him with his old family she then plotted his death making him unable to re-enter his body . Mason medical examiners were later arrested for falsifying his examination . Proven by where the body was found Turks & Caicos island using his power source to transport the body makes this

unbelievable but true for the real family of King George .The Queen was then dethroned in 1954 confidentially because of the conspiracy to murder on King George V &VI and degradation of character . When the Royal Army found out of these details they then informed the King that her soul was replace . Meaning it was a different person in the body at the time of the disruptive behavior .What King George calls “Spirit Hopping” , not a mystery or of far tongue to many elderly ,historic or religious figures in society its normal to leave your body and go to your next , although kept confidential for many reasons uncool to talk about unbelievable to the unbeliever or just how much damage , more than good is done to yourself and civilizations . Found factual in the case of Lloyd George Been the name and body of King George that was found on Turks & Caicos Island some call it his get away pad where Miss Irene Been Leggett and her husband Sandy Leggett kept him comfortable . Others called it his nigga family unhappy that the King spent time with his other family the Queen personally was upset catching him many times on the Island with concubines . Spirit Hopping was found true because of the family’ s

that came from purgatory , Hyde’ s , Exile to Salt Cay then transported all over the world . Throughout the 1900th century many family’ s were slaves to masonic organizations living in Dungeon like atmosphere Miss Irene housed some of these people Yusef the young grandfather also contributed to there stay helping to fund businesses for

the family when they reach the states others disrespected the islands looting , learning the King’s family’ s business and miss handling business purposely. Many times in the 1900’ s the house of Irene Been has been robbed and burglarized .The amount of problems also the severity of their actions is what made “Spirit Hopping” a crime. The ability to manage or operate a human corps sometimes while the individual is in the body . Mostly done through sleep when a individual is sleep the spirits gets in the body awaken the body without awakening the soul . The only way you can tell is , marks if any from the night they used the body . In some cases the spirit is awaken in the middle of action usually if the person is angered or hurt the main soul comes to the top or is awaken , for century’ s the Royal Army has dealt with these cases . Lloyd Been case is remarkable because of the loop in time in the 1950’ s when Lloyd then known as Yusef in his kid body told F.B.I. and C.I.A. agents that his toy or harmonica could control the world they took it as a game or joke . Now the loop is evident in society , some of the fads never leave they come back in different styles and manners .But the loop lead to the false family of King George claiming his property with memory loss every few years they take part in a international identity theft and money laundering scandal because of the unknowledgeable personnel at local F.B.I and C.I.A offices.

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