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Literary pre`cis:"Let's Talk"

My father and I sat down for lunch and by its end, I was wondering who I was. Who I really was. Was this old gentle man nearing his eighties my real father - though he had nurtured me like a good father would - or was it that former middleweight champion, who before he went to reform school in New York State had gone out with my sixteen year old sister, who was considered the knockout of The Bronx, for a whole six months and she had become pregnant with a baby that had gone away just before I was born; according to whispers that were just beyond my full understanding for most of my life and when I asked this sad old man why I was the only one among all my older siblings born in an apartment and not a hospital, he said: "Johnny when I was fourteen years old I killed a sixteen foot snake with my long knife in a rain forest the likes you have never seen." Like I said: we sat down for lunch and by its end I felt like an old born baby again.
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