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Cyber,Cyborg and Metal- 1

Once upon a time...why does it always have to be once upon a time?Weird...extreme weidness...and these upon a time stories end up withe "lived happily ever after".....why cant there be a good mystery-type know,like"what happens next..." or maybe"Something is still not complete..." or maybe"will this continue?".......

                        This is Drake's point of view of stories.Thats why he hates books.Specially fairy-tale and fantasy.Thrill or Horror doesnt attract him either.He is just "not a book worm"...but at Derek's point of view,Drake always splits up dialogues as if he is a straight A reader.Like one time,mom screamed at Derek,"Pesky child of mine!" In that sense,Drake yelled,"Yeah mom,you are absolutely correct.Physical action should be taken against him!" Derek and Drake Foster live in San Diego.Two brothers.One year older brother Drake.But they study at the same year and never think they have age difference.Drake-Derek....these names get mixed up.Old Granma calls Drake,"Derek,whee are me goggles?"Drake is a straight-foward type guy so he hates bend names.For the names issue,dad decides to call the brothers  Rocket and Bullet.Drake is Rocket because his spike hair is shapes like fires and Derek is Bullet coz he is the fastest runner in school.Rocket is more like a man than a teenager.He talks big. Bullet is on the other hand,the psycopath of the family.Always looking for fun and mischief.

                                           First day as a junior can be very tiring.You get this spontaneous feeling in your stomach....on his first day of a junior,Bullet goes to the subject counselor's office.He hates chemistry and thats what he gets as regular class.Rocket,meanwhile,is attending Physics.Bullet enters in Mrs Barron's office.What a line!! " I am not waiting in the queue..."mutters Bullet.He sees that most of the students are girls. This will be easy.Bullet is called "Goose" as well.Just Drake is not approphiate.he is the "chick slayer" in the family.Bullet walks further and stands before the line.All the girls look at him. He says,"excuse me ladies,may I get a place to stand between all the beautifuls?" the gils' eyes glitter.One says,"here" the other says,"no here!"and soon all of them blabber and quarrel.A freshman chick says,"Here Drake!"Drake sees that the space is second in line so he enters in.He hates waiting.He sees that the student standing in front of him looks busy.She might be easy to overcome too.So Bullet says,"Excuse me miss,I am so hot...can I move to your place coz the air conditioner is nearer.."The  girl frowns.She says,"NO!"Bullet gets a little shocked.No girl can ever look at his emerald iris and say "no"...he syas,"uhh..its urgent.."The girl yells,"Whats your problem!"Bullet again gets shocked...more like thrilled...someone from behind pushes him which makes him roll forward.BAM!He falls over the girl and they fall on the floor.Her transcripts fall all over their bodies.Bullet turns red.His body is over the girl's.Bot of them in a very uncomfortable position.Bullet looks up and for the first time thei eyes meet.Bullet sees her properly.She is a brunette with long hair and sandy highlights.Bullet rushes and gets up.The girl gets up too.She yells,"Look what youve done!"Bullet yells,"Well it wasnt my fault!" The girl yells,"Calm down!Dont you know how to speak to a woman?"Drake yells,"Well its not my fault you are a grouche!" Bullet hurries out of the room.His temper is rising.No girl has ever spoken to him like that.How could she?

                                       When free period comes.Bullet goes to Rocket and slams his bag on the cafetaria table.Rocket gasps and says,"What the hell did you do that for?"Bullet yells,"I have been slayed!"

--Might I know who the honorable guy is?


--Holy Plant Eating Shrub!

--She's no holy dude,she's evil..

--Holy plant eating shrub!

--She's Hot and Dangerous!Screams at me!A total Grouch babe!

--Holy plant........

--stop it!


              Rocket orders two coffees.Bullet asks,"How was your day?"Rocket says,"I made a new buddy.."


--A girl.

--Okay..just buddy or buddy-buddy?

--Only buddy... she cute?


--hey...a man can ask...

--she's beautiful but..


--Not my type..

--Oh!Rocky!no girl is your type...




--what type do I prefer?

--you'll see...I'm bringing her home today..


                                  6:30 pm.Almost evening.No sign of Rocket and his newly found "match" for Bullet.Bullet's house is in the shores.San Diego has beautiful Shores.They live in the shores of San Diego Bay.A bunglow-type wooden duplex.Beautiful house and a great view of the harbour.Bullet is walking on the beach...waiting and waiting for his "match"...Suddenly he sees Rocket coming in with a girl.The girl seems familiar.Very familiar...OH MY GOSH!!GROUCHE CHICK!! Bullet yells,"YOU?"the girl yells,"Oh gosh you?"Rocket smiles and says,"You guys know each other?"Bullet yells,"Yes Rocky!This is the grouche chick!"The girl yells,"Uh hello!Grouche chick?You are more of a Panic man!"Bullet yells,"Its a good thing youre a girl.."

--or else you'd kick my butt?Bring it on..

--Hell I am surprised with your bravery!

--Well...i'll take that as a compliment..

--no,its an insult

--that was rude

--that was rude!!BLABLABLA!!MISS DRAMA QUEEN!!


--for arguement's sake..I am not a gentle man!!

Rocket stands there thrilled with the words bullet and the girl is using.He says,"UHHHH....GUYS..."both of them look at him and scream,"What!"

                          Thsi was the beginning..just the beginning of the end...oops...beginning of the happening...Wait for whats next.......

Author notes:~Hey readers..sorry about the sudden break..theres's more tto come from me..wait for more..for now,I gotta go somewhere!Be Soon Back..Later...

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