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What I would do....

You Know what is funny ? Is that I can still picture you in my head .How when you smiled , your eyes seem to disappear behind your cheeks , and when you drank , how bright red your lips would get ,. And how when you would talk with me on the phone , you would twirl your hair around you finger as you got tired . It's strange , how I still remember it all .
I would sit for hours , looking at your picture . And I would imagine what I would do if I ever got the chance to met you . You would be sitting there in your chair , watching T.V. . And I would straddle you . And start kissing on you , kissing your neck , nibbling on your ear , slowly letting your ear lob slide between both of my lips .I would be wearing nothing but a long sleeve shirt , just buttoned up far enough to cover my breast .And everything around us wouldn't matter . The T.V. a phone ringing , or even someone at the door .I would have your complete attention as I do now . Having you hang on to each word to see what would happen next .
How I would be rubbing up against you , arousing you, making you want me even more .Your hands on my thighs , caressing them , as we kissed . Moving one of your hands up my thigh , under my shirt ,and began massaging my breast . You would pull my shirt up just high enough to suck softly on my nipples , slightly biting them .And your other hand crept up high to the inside of my thigh , and you would tease me with your fingers . Arching my back slightly , and leaning my head back as well , biting on the edge of my lip , as you kissed down my neck and chest . I would lean forward to whisper in your ear , "I want you , I want you soo bad." You would tease me more with your fingers , running them up deeper inside me ."Mmmmmmmmmmm"I would moan softly. I would pull at your pants , but would only be able to get them unbutton , and unzipped. There wasn't really enough room for the both of us in the chair . "Please" I begged .
You would lifted me up as you stood , and stumbled into the wall, hitting my back up against it . I would giggle , and smiled at you , as I pulled your pants and underwear down further , exposing all of you . I would pull my legs from down around your waist , one at a time . And I would pull your shirt all the way and then throw it . I would kiss you , and worked my way down your chest , letting my hands follow my lips .I would get to your belly button , and ran my tongue around it , and kiss further down , taking you in my mouth , letting you slide over and over between my lips , tightening
them with each pass , sucking on you harder and harder as well . You would pull me up by my arms , wrapping them around your neck after a few minutes, and would kiss me . Pulling one of my legs up waist high , up against you , teasing me , making me feel how hard you were . And I beg you one last time "pleeaassee". Finally you slid yourself in me , over and over and over again, making me moan , "aaaaaahhhhhhhhh ,,,, mmmmmmmm"

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