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Losing A Friend

The sun was shining. Kasie stepped outside. As Jen came running toward her, Kasie ran to Jens sister, Christine. Christine was in 4th grade. Now and then they hung out with it, and when they do, Kasie really enjoys it. Every day, Jen would threaten Christine to stay away from Kasie, she was HER best friend, not Christine. So Jen went outside too. Then Kasie said
"Yes I did play with Christine and stop threatening her, she is MY best friend!"
Jen ran inside and cried. Then she and Nikki became best friends. So Jen tells Nikki and Nikki tries to talk some sense into Nikki. She typed a note to her and the reply was:

Her brains will turn into mush because she gets on the internet to much. And I am mad at you because you are her friend.

These days, Jennifer and Kasie are distant friends, but nothing special.

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