AWOMAN'S FATE. | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Short Story - Confession Bookmark and Share


If you played your cards
Right you could have had
Her, Davitt said, sitting comfy
In the snug, his hand round a
Glass of Jameson, his eye on
Moonan who sat opposite


Sipping his porter like a girl
Sipping lemonade. You can't
Play shy with women, Moonan,
They don't respect the sissy boy
Who's too shy to say boo to his
Auntie's ghost. Moonan looked


Up and shrugged his round
Shoulders. I know I could have,
But she wasn't my type; I saw
Her mother with her sixty inch
Waist and thought of what my
Granddaddy said about daughters


Being the clones of their mother's
Fate and so gave her the pass by,
Moonan replied looking across
His glass at Davitt, who simply
Smiled and laid back his head on
The wall behind and said, Maybe

You're right, Moonan, you never

Know what's on a woman's mind
Or what her fate has in store, better
To see her off while she can get
Through the door, and Davitt laughed
His laugh. But all Moonan could
See was Eileen wedged in her bath.

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