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By The Colour Of Her Hair

By The Colour of Her Hair

This storey takes place in a small, dim lite cafe. The cafe is located on a side street just off the busy downtown core of a big city.The storey starts as one man enters the cafe and spots an old aquaitence sitting at a table


Man sitting answers "John?"

Men shake hands and then have the following back and forth conversation.

Man sitting exclaims " I haven,t seen you since college. What is it three years?, Have a seat."

" Yes! Three years. What,s new?"he replys as he sits down at the table.

" Oh well. Lets see" Harry ponders. " After graduation , got job in sales, got married (sort of), bought a house.

What about you?

" About the same graduated, got into the stock market, got married (sort of) and bought house."

" What do you mean sort of married?"

" Well marrying a redhead didn't turn out so well. I gave up a brunette and a blonde to get a redhead"

" Yeah! You always wanted a redhead, just like I always wanted a blonde.Well I married a blonde and same thing. romance has faded. We are out of touch."

" Yeah! Me and red are definetly out of touch !She likes classical music, opera and theater and I,m into country, karaoke bars and movies.She says I, m lazy, no good, an uninteresting slug. But heh, between you and me I found a blonde that really likes my style. I, m meeting her here today. "

"Funny blondie and I are out of touch in much the same way and she says exactly the same things about me. But I found a redhead who really likes classical music, opera and theater just like me. I, M meeting her here today too."

" Hey! there she is now! " both men exclaimed together as they looked out the window at the redhead and blonde crossing the street.

" Your girlfriend is my wife,your the lazy no good slug she,s out of touch with" both men repeat simultaneously. Starring at each other then out the window.

Then they both repeat. " What have we done? Did hair colour mean that much? What will we do now?

Now dear reader I leave the answers to the above questions up to you.I also would like you reader to add more to this story. e.g What happens when the woman enter the cafe, or do the men duck out. Use your imagination.The END.

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