bezzlenometry | By: Mac E aka Eric Johnston | | Category: Short Story - Hip Hop Bookmark and Share


rollin im a bezzle down im up a pound the beat fuckin with brain
thizz up heem down i wear my crown im the king clown
sound itll suffice thiss pill is my device shoot enough heroin youll be talkin to christ
face to face id rather free base light it up
serial killers poppin pillas your life is on lease is either us or the police
i think i just fell down the rabbit hole
mixin the ex with a fat sticky green bowl
theres alice running to the palace its a fallac...see
maliciously my brains cooked up deliciously
hannible lecture  im in some alien sector your a defector to the human race
i cant keep up with the pace beat to fast the thizz spell has been cast
i cant eat i must fast for thizzlamicy this is herecy you must convert
praise allah dre t i p see i pee funny colors its the third grade
i took the initiative to invade who am i?


im a bezzle down im up a pound my life is surround sound 5 dimensional
dont worry ill do him in professional they wont find a thing
tick tok tick tok listen to the sound of my glock
time is the major factor here
i can look into your future im a seer
would you like me to have a peer?
for fear i wont do it
all i see is distruction a reconstruction
facial distortian
your words are an abortion
im into coercion do what i say
this is bezzlenometry im an inconsistancy there will be no intimicy
its always like rape im a super hero and i always got my cape
 i cant always save the day im no captain save a ho but i am mac a tokeadro
i stay in hailin never failin payin
to win not loose
i choose not to bruise im a perfect painting
i think im fainting the clubs to hot the bezzlenometry is gettin to me

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