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The Omega Pt 1

Once long ago there were four people from four different worlds. There was Shina, she could cast dark magic. There was Leam, he was a paladin. There was Elizabeth, she an elf. Then there was Quint he was a dark knight. One day Shina was in a battle between her and her arch rival Kisha, Kisha was a dark mage as well as Shina is. “You’re done for Kisha just give up!” yelled Shina. “Not a chance there is no way a peasant like you can ever defeat me.” Shina was just about to cast a fire spell on Kisha, but disappeared, “Shina?!” exclaimed Kisha. Next, Leam was in a battle with a white knight, his name was Garland. “Leam, who do you think you are to defeat me? I am almighty never will I lose a battle!” yelled Garland. “I wouldn’t be so sure about that!” Leam said as he appeared behind Garland. Right when Leam was going to slash Garland with his sword he had suddenly disappeared. “Leam… where have you gone. Stop playing these games with me!” Garland screamed with rage. Elizabeth is a warrior elf, she was fighting off a pack of wolves all by herself as a wolf jumped at her she slashed her great sword at it and cut it in half. “Stupid dogs dare try to mess with the great Elizabeth?” said Elizabeth with great laughter. More and more wolves gathered around Elizabeth, as she tried to fight them off one by one. By time there were 20 she had disappeared as well. Quint was in a battle with a light warrior, his name was Marcus, but everybody called him the Emperor. Quint dodged the emperor’s blast of lightning and fire. As Quint went to slash the Emperor, the Emperor had dodged it. “You have no chance.” Said the Emperor while laughing. “I tell you what I’ll let you go right now if you if you give up the fight and tell me I win.” The Emperor said with a grin on his face. “There is no way in hell I’m going to lose to someone as weak as you!” yelled Quint. The Emperor had a very serious look on his face now. “You little bastard” The Emperor yelled. But by time he attacked Quint was gone. “What? Where did he go?” asked The emperor as he had a confused look on his face.”Huh… what is this?” asked Quint. “I have no idea.” Said Leam. Quint, jumped. “Where the hell did you come from?” “My world the land of Azura. Where did you come from?” asked Leam. “Land of the knights.” Quint said with great pride in his voice. “Are we the only ones here?” asked Quint. “No. Right over there is Shina, and Elizabeth.” Said Leam as he pointed to the ladies. “Hey is  Elizabeth single?” asked Quint in a sarcastic but somewhat serious voice. “I don’t know, we just met a minute ago. We all just appeared here, we don’t know what we’re doing here.” Said Leam “So we have no information on this at all? We should get a move on to through the forest, maybe we can find someone or something to help us.” Said Quint.“Good idea.” Said Leam. “Come on ladies we have to go!” yelled Quint. “Who is this guy Leam?” asked Shina. “Hey, you never did give me your name what is it?” “My name is Quint. I’m a dark knight I wield the strongest blade in my land, I am an elite knight”. said Quint. “I’m a paladin, I have mastered the ways of both swords and daggers, I will be the best paladin one of these days.” said Leam with pride in his voice. “I’m an Elf warrior, I have the ability to enchant swords and other weapons with elements such as water and fire.” Elizabeth said.”I am a mage, I can do dark magic, and I have just started working on light magic, I can do one spell, but I have yet to master it, I call it cure. I can heal wounds with it.” Said Shina. “I can help you with that, I’m a master at cure.” Said Leam. “really you’d do that? Thank you Leam.” Shina said with a big smile on her face. “ok I think we have had enough talk, we need to get going.” Said Elizabeth. Everybody agreed as they were off to the woods to start their crazy adventure to find out why they’re in this mysterious world.

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