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A teen's diary

                                                  My Notebook






Hello, I'm Lucy Dazzles.I really hope my writing is not too small. I am 18 and I am at school. I am really 

called Sam Foxx but my teacher doesn't believe me and thinks I am trying to be Sam Fox, the celebrity,

and everyone in my class teases me. My mum is Alex Foxx and my sisters are Jo Foxx and Charlie 

Foxx. Our full names are Samantha, Alexandra, Johanna and Charlotte Foxx. I never knew my dad. So we 

are all a house of girls with boy's names! I need to take care of my sisters most of the time. Alex is 35, Jo


is the same age as me (18), and Charlie is 14. I look like Sam Fox, everyone says, and I think she's quite pretty. Charlie is like Charlotte Church, and Johanna looks like Johanna Botta, and Alex looks like Alexandra Burke. My family is very, very private and Alex NEVER goes out in public. I always wonder why?!

ANYWAY this is meant to be MY notebook so I don't see why I must do what silly Miss Teequa must tell

ME what to write! And I'm done with what I must do. I'm going to tell you ALL of my deepest thoughts and

most secretive secrets. I BOUGHT THIS TOO!!!! So Miss T can shove a sock in it. x Do as I want, Lucy Dazzles!I just got into trouble again! I'm taking this book away and I'm going to use it for something else...A DIARY!!Instead of this book, I'll get a new one. This boring old one is soooo uncool. Why does mum always want us to be "normal"?! How can we be normal if my mum never leaves our property. How can I be normal if I'm wealthy and my name is Sam Foxx and my family all look like a celebrity with the same name and if we all have boys'-ish names!!! I'm gonna bring in a notebook from school. No, let's get started with MY diary!!!!!!!!




Part 1:

Home from school



I've just come home from school. That's right! This is my real handwriting. Miss T said it was "unreadable for some". HA!! Mum says this writing is the best she's ever seen, so Ha ha Miss Teequa! I'm going to turn my life into a story. This is part 1, in which I come home from school and enter my manor house. "Hi, Samantha!" said the butleress, as we call her (this is a house of females only), Violette. "Hi Vi!" I said. "Is Alex home?" "No, so she told me to give you this money and go out with the girls. Let me take your bags. Any homework?" she said. "No homework, and thanks for the 40 euros! Back by 8, I guess?" I replied. She nodded. "Sam?" called Charlie.


"Where are we gonna go?"

"I'm off to the club. I'll see if you can go to your friends house."

"Hasiya or Madia?"

"Mayda and Nadine's."

"YAY!" she said, jumping up and down on the floorboards upstairs.

"Carefull, Miss Charlotte. This house is approximately 174 years old," said one of the nannys, Una. She stopped bouncing, thank Una! I called Mayda and Nadine's mum. "Does May and Nad want to meet up with Charlie anywhere?" I asked. "Shops?" asked May and Nad's mum, Maydine. "Sure! The mall in Street 3?" I asked. "Yeah. Now. OK?" said Maydine. "Yep. Bye, bye!" I said and hung up. "Charlie!" I called. "READY!" she said, opening the door and coming into the kitchen. "How much did you bring?" I asked. "About 70 euros or something like that," she answered, wrattling her purse. "Don't forget to buy your dinner, and don't eat too much sweets, and plenty of drinks, no talking to strangers and you know the rest. Bye, Charlotte," I told her. "Jo, do you want to go to the club with me?" "Ehhh. After my homework," she says, as she's a perfectionist. I forgot to do my own! Oh, my.


Part 2:




Write a diary-sentence using each of the words:


Boxes There was boxes all around me, as we will move houses.


Hungry We are all hungry as all I ate was a pea.


Wild Animals Wild animals are around us all.


Family My family and I must live out in a tent forever more.


Pale I am starving as sick and pale.


Pail Everyday I must take out the pail and fill it with water.


Fame As I do so, I dream for the fame.


I wish that sometime I could have the fame.

Wow! That'd be cool. Sam Foxx. That'd proove to Miss T that I can do things my way, and that my name truly is Sam Foxx. My next part of homework was to find out about your life by looking at old records. I then had to write it down.


Box 1: Tape 1: Alex Foxx concerts 1-5


There are 5 concerts starring my mum, Alexandra. She gets thousands of money in it and altogether she sings about 40 songs. She acts and dances. No kidding.


Tape 2: Jo and Sam arrive


In this, I can see me and sister Johanna getting born. In this I still cannot catch a glimpse of my father.


Tape 3: Charlie is born


As the last one, Charlotte is born and my father is not there.


Tape 4: Johanna (Pampers) ad


In this, I see Johanna starring in a Pampers ad. I have never known of any of this.


Tape 5: Samantha Foxx (New Sam Foxx fragrance) ad


Me, Samantha Foxx, is main in a perfume ad for a Frangrance named after me!!!!!!! This is unbelievable!!!!! In this, I do a stinky, my mum blocks her nose and looks at me in the pram. "Wow!" says a passer-by. "I know, she won't let me wash her, too!" says mum. "Same here!" says the stranger, looking in at her pink rich pram. The flowers near her grow and blossom, whilst mine wither, rot and die. They both give a big sniff at the stranger's baby. "Hmmm Ahhhh," they calmly say. "Then-" "Oh, I used Fragrance Sam Foxx!" says the woman. "Try it!" My mum puts it on me and everyone smells both babys. "Mmmmm!" says my mum. "Thanks! Can I keep it?" "Sure! It's first-time free!"

"Ooooh, Foxxy Sam Foxx scent!" At the end is written, with an image of Sam Fox above the motto.

I swear I was amazed, flabbergasted!! I'm a not-so-star star!!!! I am so proud that I think I'll bring in the video! I will bring in the video. For sure, I think. "Ready, Jo?" I called. "Yeah!" she answered. I packed up my schoolbag and signed my Homework Book, 'cause mum's never here. She came tip-tapping down the stairs in her high-heels. Killer-heels, actually. I'm average. _________No comment_________


Part 3:

The Club "Nightmare"

We are at the club now. We go here a few times a week. I think the name is weird and I wonder why they call it that. ANYWAY me and Jo stood about 10 metres away from the door of the club. This muscle-man covered in tatoo's came up to us. "Tickets" he said. "Where do I get them?" I asked. "From me. A fiver each," he replied. We bought them. We walked on and right beside the door was an official stand that said "TICKETS". We went up and showed him our 'tickets'. "This is not a valid ticket," he said as he swiped the card. WHAT? I thought I thought but I said it instead. OK, I shouted it. "This is a phony slash fake. Sorry about any inconvenience caused but we are not responsible for any loss/damage/problems within the club on outside. You mus-" Jo was staring into his eyes. "JO!" I shouted. "Not now," she softly replied. I pulled her by the arm. "Sam! Why did you do that! He was so...IS THAT MUM?!" she said, her mouth dropped open. I looked around. "Where?!" "There!" She was talking to another man, I'd say a few years younger then her. "MUM!" we screamed and shouted. "Girls! Come here!" she said, and we went up to her. I whispered in her ear: "Who is HE?!" "This is Eric. Remember the 'Lost Sister?'" mum said. We all know HER!! 'Little Mylie!' Mum would blabber on about. "We know her alright!" we said. "Good, 'cause he's the Dad of your little lost sister! And here's Mylie!" I was amazed. So was Jo. Our mouths dropped. "WOW!" me and Johanna said. "Yes, Wow. Say HELLO to your big sister!" said Mum and Eric. "H-h-hi!" me and Jo said, scared of her. "Hey. So your my sisters! We look really quite different!" she said and she shook our hands.


PHEW!!!! WHAT A RELIEF!!!!!!!!!

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