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Clazz in Sycorax

In the city of Sycorax,the mason family move in.Without her husband on board with them for his business trails,Saturn,a talented architect,the mom of the family moves in a small beautiful house with her daughters Titania and Surtur and her adopted daughter Ariel.The four decorate the house beautifully with flowers and plants and open decorations.The Mason sisters start to plant their trees in this big city,trying to ignore their arrival from a small town called Achinhood.As they are admitted to a trendy,popular high school,Sycorax Academy,Tai,Surtur and Ariel become a bit lost in the popular environment.While on a free period,Ariel sees a notice on the walls of the auditorium written"Audition for the Summer Music Festival in two weeks".Ariel signs up their name in the audition list as the band"Ready for Everything" which makes the stubborn Titania and Surtur upset.Ariel tells them,"You guys,we are awfully talented and we know that.Titania can master your skills and Surtur is a hot jockey on the mics!Come on we can do this!" At last,Tai and Surtur had to agree.With two weeks of practicing in hand,Tai takes a paying guitar lesson from a music student,Io,short for Isadore,who ends up to be a very friendly,attractive and popular guy of the school.Tai starts learning fast and begins to enjoy the classes with Io and his friends,Stephano,Tarvos and Moon.Meanwhile,Ariel signs up for her childhood passion,basketball,and appears to be the only girl in the team but after the principal sees Ariel defeat Mike,the champion hot-shot captain of the team,he lets Ariel join.Mike becomes Ariel's worst enemy and nightmare and tries to protect his reputation but somehow begins to fall for Ariel's charm.On the other hand,Surtur is facing her own problems.She is having a big clash on her late practicing on her tune mixing with a keyboard player,Ray,who happens to be her only envy.Ray is surprised to see Surtur ignoring him as he is the crush of every girl in the school,probably because of his blu-green,silvery eyes and his smile.When Surtur and Ray are attached to go on an inter school contest,both of them begin to fall for each other.On Titania's side, as there should be a foe for Tai,Miranda and her friends or wanna-be's Mimas and Onyx,choose to be it.Tai is heart broken when she finds out that Miranda is Io's girlfriend.Miranda becomes jealous of Io's deep friendship with Titania and black mails him to distratct her from the lessons so she cannot play guitar at the time of the auditions very well.Io feels guilty as he starts distracting Tai from her lessons,knowing how amazing a guitar player she is.Stephano and the others feel for Tai and tell her the truth about Io and Miranda's plan which makes Titania quit the lessons and play on her own,making Io completely upset about his feelings for her.On the previous day of the audition,the Masons find out that Ariel's basketball championship,Surtur's contest with the inter schools and Titania's club rally is going to happen at the same time as the auditions.This time,this sin was performed by Miranda because Io broke up with her lately.Io,Mike and Ray help the Masons to perform and continue their activities by planning on some pranks. Ultimatey,"ready for everything" wins the auditions and gets a chance to perform on the Summer Festival.Also,Surtur and Ray win the inter competition,Mike and Ariel win the basketball championships and Titania gets selected in her rally.Ray and Surtur confess their feelings for each other and hook up,Mike too,gets a chance with Ariel but Io was afraid to express what he feels for Titania.Then,the gang helps Io to get on a blind date,knowing that his date is Titania,and finally Titania forgives him and they become officially together...their story continues........

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