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Leaving me

Some people say that their going on a short vacation from work and family. Youíll think that is what they mean, when really they mean go away and not come back.That is a feeling that is never meant to be felt. To feel that feeling is to feel heart broken and sad. Thatís just the way you feel when someone you love leaves and doesnít come back.

††††††††† My name is Alice, and I felt the feeling of having someone that love leave and not come back. Thatís the way that I felt when my mother left for vacation and never came back. Soon after mother left father left as well.I didnít see any reasons why my parents would have for abandoning me. I mean I was a sweet little girl with not a care in the world. If you ever saw me you would see how I alwaysminding my own business, staying out of trouble, and doing what Iím told to do. This all makes me wonder why in the world they left me all alone.

††††††††† I was 12 years old at the time, and was and still am an only child. I always wanted a younger sibling, but I never had the guts to ask my parents. I didnít need a younger sibling because I had a lot of friends around town. They werenít always there or perfect, but they made me feel special. They were the people that I could call on when ever I needed someone.

††††††††† Life wasnít always easy. The trouble started when I was about to turn 13. Mother started to go and return late at night. Ever night that she come home late I would worry about weather she would come home safely. One night she told me she was going on a weekend spa retreat. She left on Friday and was coming back Sunday. Then when Sunday came she was nowhere to be found. Father and I looked, the police and towns people looked, but mother was gone forever.

††††††††† After a while it wasnít hard to live without mother around. Except for father had to get a second job, and I had to do the entire choirs mother and I did around the house. After a few weeks passed father left to go grocery shopping at the local food stand. I stayed locked away in the house as I always do when father left. The more that I waited I started thinking about mother and father. I thought about the reasons mother couldíve had for leaving us, where she was going at night, and where she was now. The night started to fall and father wasnít home yet. Then I started to get worried all over again, because it didnít take that long to go the food stand. Then I felt abandoned all over again.

††††††††† The sun had come and the moon had gone away. Now fathers fellow fishermen friends have come to the house to get him for work. They knocked then they knocked even louder every time they knocked again. Finally I went and opened the door as father always did in the morning when the came over. When they saw me at the door they must have figured that something was wrong when I opened the door instead of father.They pushed their way past me and searched all over my house upstairs and downstairs. Then father wasnít found inside or outside the house on our property. Next thing that I knew I was grabbed and carried against my will to town orphanage.

††††††††† At first it was really bad because I didnít know anyone. As the years past people started to become more used to me being around and they started to talk to me more. Although everyone was supposed to be equal the orphanage was as cliqued as the town school was when I went there. There was the popular clique, the bad clique, the lame people clique, and the jocks. I became apart of the bad clique, not knowing how I went with what everyone said.

††††††††† A few weeks past many people came to adopt children as the summer came to an end. Many kids were adopted by a pair of loving parents. Not many of the cliques were split up; except for the bad clique they lost me. Ti wasnít a very big loss. To me it was a win lose situation. The clique I was in lost me but I won the hearts of my old parents. I didnít recognize them at first since it had been so long. When they were close enough to look into their eyes I saw a twinkle in both their eyes and right and there I knew it was them. Immediately we all started running to each other them to me and me to them. At the end day I was riding from the orphanage to me new home with my old mother and father.

††††††††† When I got home to my mew house I looked out the window of my new bed room to see a big lake on the other side of the fence at the end of my backyard. The first thing that I wanted to do was go swimming in the lake, but sadly I didnít have a swimming suit so I couldnít go swimming. This was the last day of summer for the kids in the town where my parents live now. Starting tomorrow Iíll be attending another new school. Going to a place were I donít know anybody and on body knows me. All the school supplies and registration was already taken care of. Still I wasnít ready to go to school tomorrow. The question that I wondered almost all my life remained unanswered. Now that Iíve been returned to my parents I donít feel the need to have that question answered.

††††††††† At school on the first day of my senior year all the other seniors threw pennies at me calling me a stupid freshman. The more they threw at me the louder I yelled that Iím a senior too. It wasnít till classes started that they believed me when I said I was a senior too. By the end of the first semester everyone had a real reason to throw pennies at me. They now threw pennies me because I had the highest grades in the school. Like in the few stories that I read in the orphanage everyone else was jealous of me the smart girl.

††††††††† When it came time for the senior class graduation I was the only one of my class to be going off to college with a full 4 year scholarship to one of the most expensive colleges in the country. The summer after graduation was the greatest summer of my life. I was at home with mother and father resting and getting ready for the next stage of my life. I was preparing for the final years of my growing education. The time for leaving came faster than expected, that summer faster than a blink of an eye.

††††††††† Within my first month of school at Harvard University I got a very depressing letter about the death of my father. He was the parent that had the best relationship with me. Although he was gone for good this time I didnít feel as bad after he left this time. Not that I was happy he was gone but I also wasnít depressed about his death either. The school principal would excuse me from all classes during the week of fathersí funeral.

††††††††† Again during my sophomore year of college right after first semester finials I received another sad letter of death in my small family. Now not only was father gone, but mother was gone as well. Once more I was excused from class the week of the funeral. This time I wasnít happy, sad, or even depressed nor was I satisfied. I was ok with the death of mother that just happed or the death of father witch occurred almost a year ago.

††††††††† By the time my senior year in college came around I was satisfied with the fact that I was alone in the world. That there was no one for me to go to if I was in trouble. I graduated the head of my class with no family the audience to cheer me on as I walk across the stage getting my degree. Even though my parents left for good that time I lived my life to the fullest. I might not have parents anymore but when I did they loved me and I loved them. That is why as of today I live my life happy because their bodies may be gone but they still live inside of me. Today I have a family that loves me like I loved my old parents and family at the orphanage. After a horrible childhood I now live happily ever after in peace and happiness.

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