HOW THE CELLAR CAME INTO IT'S OWN! | By: KATHRYN GABRIELLE | | Category: Short Story - Reflections Bookmark and Share


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Remember how cellars used to be before they became combination saloons, pool parlors and laundries? Dark, cool, damp, earth-smelling, cobwebby, mysterious. And filled with
the best eating that's been man's lot since Eve bit into that apple.

It was at this time of the year that the cellar finally came into its own. All the preserving was done. Row on row of Mason jars glinted in the room. In them was distilled rain and sun and not a little of the salty sweat of many a long row hoed in the July blaze.

The cellar was every home's own supermarket. In this storehouse, the tomato was king--whole canned tomatoes, and the best smelling, best-tasting gift of the gods-homemade chili sauce. I can taste it now!

There was piccalilli, corn relish, applesauce, mustardy chow-chow (with never enough cauliflower chunks), spicy crabapples, seckel pears with a cinnamon stick to each jar, and grape juice so rich you had to cut it three to one with water. And apple butter. And watermelon rind pickles. And pickled beets.
Let's not forget the canned sweet corn and string beans...........
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