The Wrong Bathroom | By: Erika Fang | | Category: Short Story - Comedy Bookmark and Share

The Wrong Bathroom

I went in the bathroom, used the toilet and when i exited the stall, two guys stood, staring at me with a gaping gasp. My long hair fell over my shoulder, and I averted my gaze away. The guy on my left stepped further and with a grin, he said, "Hey sweet cheeks, did you lose your way?" I bit my lip, trying to hold down my sarcastic remark as I made my way past the two guys to the sink to wash my hands. Man, I thought, I'm never growing my hair long again. I was reaching for the paper towels when the guy from my right, hovered over to me, his hand leaning on the wall, his eyes fierce with determination and he said, "Hey babe, a few guys and I are partying down at the club down in Ash Drive; you wanna join us?" I backed away and stopped as I reached the knob of the door and with the last remark of my leave, I had said, "Sorry, I'm straight."

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