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Dying Sun

    There was a dying sun. That many light years away  there used to be another solar system far beyond ours. There used to be  another time and place quite like ours.   A meteorite as large as the sun it self. Lost gravity and came down and destroyed that time and place. Quite like ours.   That made all prehistoric animals to disappear till this day. The meterorite is said to still exist and is slowly desending to our earth. It is suppose to be so hot. Like a flaming infernal and so toxic and deadly. Noone knows for sure. When or where it will touch down. The military or scients are not even aware. That one is out there and one is comming. They see a falling star and they have studied it and some think nothing of it. They say. If you wish upon a falling star. Your wish will come true.  The stars are falling from the toxic chemicals that the meterorite has been breaking off into pieces. That no man or woman or living creature on earth would survive.  Many people have rushed to build bomb shelters or build a home under ground. But it is said. That the meterorite is so powerful. This is not even from a forgein Country wanting to spread Germ warfare. One day soon. 

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