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Good Morning & Afternoon

Good Morning & Good Afternoon
Good morning good morning! I'm awake with morning sun shining in my crib. I wonder if mommy can
hear me laughing over the baby com? Oh I think that's her coming down the hall and there she is greeting
me with a smile and a kiss and she tells me "good morning my precious son did you sleep well at all?" All I
can do to let her know that I slept well is smil and give a little giggle. First thing she soes is check my
diaper and changes it then she finds me clothes to wear for the day. Oh my I think I hear my tummy rumble.
I guess I will give out a cry to let mommy know I am hungry. She always seems to know what I want and need.
She is the best mommy in the world! Well my cry worked because shie is getting me my first meal
of the day. She tells me while she is fixing me my cereal the "it will be done soon little man and then you
be able to eat." Ah here she is just like she but, wait a minute whats this? She is putting a bib on me
she is telling me its is to help keep me clean and the food of th me thast isnt usually how it happens because
she always ends up having t o wipe my face off and my hands and were efer else there is cereal. Breakfast
time is usually pretty interrsting because mommy does a lot of lauging at me she thinks Im pretty silly
at least thats what she says to me I always like to make faces at her and laugh it makes her laugh it makes
breakfast a bit messy but I have fun trying to see if mommy can keep me clean at the same time. Well breakfast
time is over and what do I do now? Mommy will find something for me. Oh yes I see her laying a blanket out for me and she is
putting me down on it oh she is changing my diaper again. I think Iwill give her a hard time with changing my bottom
thats always fun and it makes mommy laugh and she calls her little turd butt. Now that she has mastered my plan she
goes and gets my little baby jim that is a giant toy. There are some other toys that hang down off of it and they
make lots of noise when you shake them.They are so much fun I like to clack them togethr and I try to touch them with my toes
What a work out!Sometimes I will try to talk but I just sont think mommy or daddy know just what exactly I am trying to say
but I think it gives them something to talk about. We always have fun she tickles my feet and belly and pinches my cheeks boy she makes
laugh and sometimes she makes these funny faces at and makes weird noises to go with the funny faces. She always wears me out. I think its time
for an early morning nap because I sure do feel sleepy. Mommy must have seen me rubbin my eyes because she is picking me up and taking me to
my crib.Boy my eyes feel heavy. "I will see you when you wake up" mommy tells me.
Ooooooh good afternoon!Im awake again and I sure do feel refreshed ut were is mommy? Can she hear me
talkin? Does she know Im awake? Oh I think Im going to cry, "I want my mommy"! Wait a minute
whats that? I think thats her walking down the hall. Oh here she is she is tellin me shhh shhh.
Its ok Im here now everything is ok and she rubs her soft hand across the top of my head adn kisses me on
the forehead. She asks me if I had a good early morning nap and if I had any good dreams?To let her know
that Im ok I smile and cooo at her. she picks me up and gives me a real good hug and another kiss on the cheek.
Mommy always loves on me it makes me feel good inside almost like a warm fuzzy safe feeling.
She takes me back into the living room and lays me on my blanket and gives me a bunch of toys to play with.
There are so many colorful things in here to look at adn just wait one of these days I will learn how to
crawl and play with all the neat and colorful objects in her (just wait)! Oh boy I feel my tummy a
grummbling Im starting to feel a wee bit hungry yep thats what I feel oh there is another rumble and another.
Here is mommy just in time and with my lunch. Oh that taste so good adn I feel so much better
now there is something in my tummy. Mommy starts to clean me off adn she tells me that she loves me so much
I like it when she tells me that it makes me feel good.
Now that I have eaten luch I feel kind of sleepy but, Im not ready to go to sleep not yet Ill just shut my eyes
for a few seconds oh boy do I feel sleepy maybe I should just take a nap. Yes, yes a nap is just what I
need oh good night and sweat dreams.Wow Im awake now adn hor nap sure does feel good oh I need
to stretch ooooo! That feels wonderful! Im wide, awake and ready to play adn go go go! There are
some of my toys laying right there beside me I think I will play with them they make me laugh out loud
really loud so everyone can hear me. There is mommy she is laughing at me she ask me "di you have a
good nap baby"? I look at her and smile and giggle adn play with my toys.Whats that I hear? I hear music
thats what I hear. I like to listen to music Mommy always comes adn picks me up and holds me close to her and dances.
She swirls around adn around Im dizzy now but I sure do have fun when she dances with me!
She lifts me up into the air adn pretends I am an airplane adn she sings along with son that is playing on the radio.
All I can do is laugh adn have fun. Oh boy that was fun I love it when she soes that.
Now Mommy puts me down adn she is starting to change my diaper and put a sun suite on me adn socks adn shoes.
She is putting me in my car seat. We must be gettin ready to take a car ride. I like car rides
except I always seem to fall aleep sometimes. Oh here we go she is puttin me in the car adn buckling me up.
she gets out and go adn gets in the gront of the car adn starts it up adn off we go. Oh Mommy must have turned on
the radio I hear music I think I will sing to the music "la, la, la, mmmm".
The sun is shinning bright today adn there are no clouds. Hey e are stoppin I cant really see anything
I dont hear the music anymore and I hear a car door open adn shut. Now the back car door is being
opened adn ther is Mommy she is taking me out of my seat.What is she doing? She takes me and walks around the car.
I see whats going on now. We are at the park adn there is my stroller (my wheels). She sits
me in my stroller and puts sunscreen on me so I sont get sunburn " those hurt"and she puts a hat on me
so that my little head sont get sun burned I dont have much hair so I need to wear a hat. Now she is
buckling me in and says "we are ready to go". she starts to push the stroller and down the sidwalk we go.
Everything is so colorful adn bright. I can also hear the birds chirping and flying around. I notice the bright
pretty flowers and the bees buzzing around them there are also some pretty butterflies flying around
they are so neat looking. There are so many wonderful things to see and do at the park.
All I want to do is sing adn soak up the warm sunshine and in my own special way I say good afternoon.

By:Christina Edwards
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