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The Chain War Stories - The Eve Of The War





Fredrik Delorn, the first Chain Guild Meeting for this quarter will take place in three days from now. 


As you know we have had cause to believe that your race is of future human lineage. We have seen some of the footage and have confirmed that it is from earth, the planet known to have been your origins, this causes concern within the Guild.


We anticipate your arrival a day in advance of the meeting.



Elder Cronin Geronit of Gaimea




The Chain, a hyper gate type portal structure, created by the leaders of The Guild of Galactic Forces, renamed The Chain Guild post construction. It is a great portal with a link to all 6 Chain Planets, Gaimea home of The Elder, Ter-aniea & Ter-Cana twin planets with a joint leader Ki Linov, Gerrin whose people live monk-like existences and have no one leader, Pever-von-Chi who are the closest to humans in terms of technology, boosted by the Chain Guild and the final and newest addition to date, Arrelin, home of the future humans and the basis for this, the first story in the Chain Series, a humble beginning sees us in a bar in the slums of Hitaru, one of the smaller cities on the eastern continent, 120 miles from the capital Grimma. As we know time the date is February 2nd 1986, as they know it in Arrelin it is Eruso 28th 1991 ot 9 (“ot” means on tado which means “of the” 9 represents the 9th age, time in the Chain is measured by Ter-aniean standard, the 9th age started when the chain was built.)


The Asylum is the name of the bar in which our heroes dwells, a bar that is pretty much always empty. Tonight there were but three customers in, Kira Shan & Serin Martyn two Arrelin Gert-Ship pilots and a random old man, who’s name need not be acknowledged, being not a main character. These people were all very drunk and all three of them were sitting at a table, drinking what looked like water and in fact, it was water, imported from Gaimea, it tastes like whatever the drinker wants, making it the most popular beverage in the Chain Guild.


‘So I say to him, if you were actually aiming at my head I might believe you’re claim that you could blow it up!’ it was the old man speaking, talking of his days in the military. The two young men burst into hysterics upon the mans words, which were not really all that funny, alcohol is a strange substance, made even stranger by the fact the water is the thing generating the alcohol.


‘That’s crazy man, what happened then?’ asked Kira


‘Oh the guy took a shot and hit the wall, I laughed and left him there in the crumbling building, I think he escaped.’


‘Wow, hardcore man, I wonder if we will ever get into a situation like that,’ said Serin.


‘I doubt it, there hasn’t even been a civil conflict since Arrelin joined the Chain Guild, that’s why I joined now, do a bit of service now, get some good quick cash, never have to fight, retire rich at 40,’ said Kira, ‘I mean, c’mon, fuck getting blown up or shot or some shit.’


‘You’ve got a point there, but what if there is a war? Are you just goin’ to quit?’ asked Serin.


‘No, no, no, if there is a war, then I will fight, but only if the enemy is a genuine threat, there have been too many pointless wars in our history.’


‘Well said boy,’ the old man remarked, before passing out on the table.


Later that night, we see the two young men stumbling like zombies, trying to return their Apartment block.


‘Man you know that signal we hacked into, I found out where its from, and you know where it was… EARTH! You hear all those stories about the origins of our people, how we came from earth but then travelled to this planet many years ago, you know what this means?’ Kira was in a state of extreme excitement, he had been waiting weeks to reveal this to Serin.


‘Man, I’m barely keeping up with you, don’t ask me to think as well!’


‘Man I’m serious! I think the ship that transported the first people from Earth to Arrelin travelled in time!’ Kira was jumping up and down at this point, Serin was having trouble keeping him in focus, ‘The rift that was generated by the primitive hyper-space tech of 500 years ago caused humans to travel in time by accident, and I have a visual signal to prove it!’ ‘There is a news feed, and I know its current because it’s broadcast is a live one, not pre-recorded. We are 15,000 years in the past and its been 2000 years since we landed!’


‘Ok man, that sounds pretty epic, but what relevance is it, we’re not exactly going to run into humans anytime soon, we are a galaxy and a half away from Ear- ahh.’ Serin stumbles and falls as he speaks, Kira laughs uncontrollably.


Eventually they make it to Apartment Block Alpha-3 AKA Home. Kira Unlocks the door and helps the now slightly injured Serin up to their shared flat. ‘Ah finally, I think its time for a smoke, are you agreeable?’ Kira laughs but Serin just collapses on the floor, too drunk to comprehend words now.


Later we find a now stoned Kira in his room, playing a game on his computer, its an old classic FPS game, made in an age after people finally realised that graphics aren’t as important as good game play, of course it still looks about 3000 times better than Crysis on full spec. It’s online, anyone on any of the Chain Planets can play against each other, which means there will pretty much always be at least 100 people playing any given good game at any given time. After suffering a humiliating defeat against someone who had to be a Gaimeon who had been playing for 100 years or something, or possibly a Neo-French Arrelin using hacks. (small note: the Neo-French were the last people to try and claim independence from the Arrelin Elected Council system of Government, which was the pre-chain world government of Arrelin, as such, they still have a distain for the rest of Arrelin’s people.)


Serin comes in, looking like he recently got bitch slapped by a hammer. He laughs at Kira’s poor performance. ‘Man, you suck at these retro games!’


‘I do not! I usually fuckin rock at this shit but I’m not exactly playing at my best.’


‘Bull! I’ve seen you play that shit normal and its basically the same result. By the way, you’re being tea-bagged.’


‘DICK!’ Kira goes into a rage, ‘What’s his I.D I’m gonna hunt this bitch down.’


‘Man, it’s just a game.’


‘Dude, shut the fuck, go to you’re room and leave me in peace.’


Serin laughs, ‘Peace…right…’ he leaves.


Kira goes to bed eventually. His dreams are fascinating, involving many different surreal, metaphorical elements, but, as with the name of the old man in the bar, the dream is irrelevant to the story.


The next morning Kira was in a state. His long ginger hair was all over the place, like he had been shocked with a high electricity current. He shuffled out of his bed onto the floor, then he picked himself up. He wandered basically still unconscious to the bathroom where he found Serin hanging over the toilet.


‘Move dumbass, I’m gonna shower.’ Serin slumped out of the room making it about 2 foot away from the bathroom before falling back to the floor.


Kira, after dressing, goes to the kitchen, turns on his TV and hit’s the news channel, some update about the Election. It was nearly time to vote for the next “Leader of the Eastern Continent”, which basically means “Overlord of Arrelin” (Most of the Politicians are your typical scum bags but there is a man called Fredrik Delorn running for the position this time, he’s half Chi so naturally has no chance of winning, shame considering he is the best candidate in over 100 years.) Kira starts to fry up some bacon.


Serin walks in, looking extremely clean and fresh, trying to look as if last night hadn’t left him with an insane hangover. ‘Morning Kira, how’s the head?’


‘Don’t give be that “how’s the head?” crap, I can see right through your blatantly drastic disguise!’


‘Why do you always have to be so melodramatic when your hung over?’


‘Dunno, why does your I.Q drop 50 point when your hung over?’


They continue to fight all day, eventually taking it to the training pods, computer pods designed like the cockpit of a Gert-Ship cockpit, normally they are only able to run specific programs, but with some of Kira’s hacking skills he was able to make a secondary function, turning it into a one vs. one virtual combat game, great for settling arguments.


Kira has a custom set up,  all the basic controls for the movement and combat systems are linked up to a control pad, while the keyboard still handles the other programs such as intel access and communication systems this makes flying the craft much smoother than using the keyboard-for-movement method.


General Energy Rifle Turret Ships are supremely fast compared to any other kind of ship in the Chain Guild. They use GEM (General Energy Material) crystals, which are self regenerating, the most efficient energy source in the known universe. (The only thing they cannot do is enter the Subworld, Gaimeons refuse to tell anyone the secrets of Subworld tech, no Arrelin scientist has come close to finding the truth of the Subworld.) The ships that Kira and Serin fly are Eagle Class in this virtual world, although they only have 2nd Class licences, 2nd Class Gert Ships are 3 classes less advanced than Eagle Class but these 2 pilots have been using the training pods to advance their abilities, since there hasn’t been a real conflict, if there is a war they intend to go in for Advanced Licences, which are always easier to get during wartime.


Their match begins with the 2 ships on opposite sides of the map, which is a virtual land of 1000 km. They fly for a little while before engaging each other, rifles letting loose on each other for a few seconds, both receive heavy shield damage from the first assault, Kira’s Ship, named The Wave after his real life ship, goes in for another attack, using one of his missiles, (Each Eagle Gert-Ship is equip with 10 type 3 energy missiles, which are capable of destroying a moderate defence shield in one blast, plus it generates a type 2 shockwave once detonated.) Serin’s ship dodged the missile and it hit a small mountain nearby, blowing half the mountain away from the rest.


Now Serin was on the offensive, he made a vertical u-turn after dodging Kira’s energy missile, firing his rifle at his friend, getting two good hits on the left wing, disabling the wing section of his shield generator. Serin fired a missile at Kira which Kira avoided but Serin himself, after attempting to make a dramatic escape, got hit by the shockwave, which deactivated his machine, making him the loser.


‘Who sucks now bitch, you actually committed suicide, I’m impressed by your ability to lose.’ Kira laughs to himself.


‘You know as well as I do that if I had landed one more shot you would have lost control of your machine and crash to the ground.’


‘Ha, well, I suppose you’re right, but the important thing to remember here is that I WON! HA HA HA HA!’


‘Round 2?’ Serin asks seriously.


They have 9 more matches that night, final result : Kira 6 Serin 4.


The result of the election is being watched by Kira and Serin, 2 weeks after the previous events.


‘The results stand thus,’ the announcer on the TV says, big fake smile on his face. ‘The majority vote is for Fredrik Delorn with 60%, Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a new Leader. Fredrik Delorn will take over from Jins Likka in exactly one month, we go live to the Fredrik Delorn campaign centre, where Ger Oni has an exclusive interview with the winner of the Election.’


The rest of the program goes unwatched. Although Kira and Serin think it utterly shocking that a non full Arrelin could win an Arrelin election.


As the weeks and months pass, Arrelin changes very little, Fredrik Delorn has not yet delivered the people to the promised land as some of his harder core supporters were saying he would. The general consensus is he is doing a good job, progress takes time and things certainly haven’t gotten any worse.


Kira and Serin have travelled to Grimma, to a place where they have Gert-Ship Training Pod “Tournaments”, its basically full of drunk video game fanatics and low ranking/retired Gert-Ship pilots, good place to get some money fast, even though its completely illegal no one really cares. Kira has already beaten 3 people in a one vs. one and it looks like some of the sore loser is coming back with a friend for a two on two match.


A particularly drunk patron starts shouting out odds and the whole bar gets in on the action, Kira and Serin vs. Pantos Kante and his brother Meacham Kante. The brother and the main character combo have set up a pot 500 Decas each, 2000 Decas in total, nice little pile of cash.


The group steps into the pods, Kira and Serin hook up the control pads, as does Pantos. They begin, Kante brothers are almost instantly attacking, Pantos’ control pad use is no where near as skilled as Kira’s. Kira goes for him leaving Serin to go after Meacham. Serin takes note that Meacham is a very poor flyer, probably just joined the military recently, if at all, his style is erratic and he doesn’t show any flare in his dodging tactics. Serin and fires three well aimed shots into the engines of Meacham’s ship, sending it spiralling to the ground.


Kira isn’t having the same kind of experience as Serin was. Pantos was evidently more skilled than he had originally let on, on Kira’s first attack he did a magnificent spiralling dodge and instantly went into an attack position, taking out Kira’s shield. In the 2nd Class Ships the missiles are only type 1, not as powerful as the type 3 but they still have an impressive shockwave. Kira takes use of the terrain, as Pantos closes in behind him, he launches 2 missiles at a nearby peace of land and flies vertically up at top speed, Pantos is blasted by the shockwave. Shields disabled but still in control, Pantos does some seriously cool recovery moves before being totally obliterated by Kira and Serin’s missile-rifle combo.


Pantos looked close to tears as he and his brother handed over 5 silver coins each, representing 100 Decas a piece. ‘You are a great pilot Kira, as is your lanky friend here, maybe one day we will meet again in the virtual battlefield.’


‘Indeed Pantos, see you on the field.’ said Kira as the brother left.


Time Passes.


After more investigation on the signal Kira had several hours worth of video footage and he had come to the conclusion that the government needed to be alerted, unless they already knew and were hiding it for some reason.


Kira and Serin were discussing the idea of travel through time.


“It can be possible, how can we have travelled in time?” asks Serin.


“Dude we all know the history of the destroyed Earth. And these signals are new, not old remnants from times gone by, we have to at least tell people of the possibly.” said Kira.


“Dude you could get locked up in the asylum for this bullshit.”


“Dude the worst possible consequence is I’ll get laughed at.”


Delorn was sitting in the main hall of the council headquarters. After the Guild meeting he had been worried. His whole life he had thought he had known his land, he had thought his people the last of the humans, renamed out of respect to their dead planet. Now it seems they did the technologically impossible all those years ago. How to explain this to the public, should he explain it to the public? Yes, he must, the time of government has long passed the time of the council of progression was now.


He decided that he would pick a selection of the transmissions and give the coordinates for the transmission, then do something virtually unheard of in the guild, disclose the minutes of the Guild meeting, it was important that the people understood the severity of the situation.


His silent contemplation was broken by a knock on the door opposite the table at which Delorn sat.


“Enter.” Delorn said simply.


The last man in the universe he was expecting to see came floating through the door. The Elder of Gaimea did not often leave the Dome, and here he was off his own planet. He must have used that strange “sub-world” travel, meaning he did not come directly into the room purely as a courtesy.


The Elder looked at Delorn, a friendly smile showing clear on his light red-skinned face. “I know what you plan to do, may I say it is ill advised. Though I do believe your people have a right to know I think you should wait until the guild can decide as a whole how to make sure that the two sets of humans never meet.”


“You speak with wisdom Elder Cronin.” Delorn knew that the rest of the guild had always been suspicious of the Arrelin people, knowing our history before the Arrelins had told them because of the man sitting in mid air before him, the Elder, a man of great power and wisdom, one of few people who is granted audience with the Seo Council, the Almost Gods and protectors of order within this reality. 


The Arrelins were a lot more intelligent than their Earth human counterparts, they didn’t even have space travel at this point in history, at least not proper space travel. Still there is suspicion.


“We have come to a problem, we should be feeling the presence of the next Demi-Seo by now, its been 306 years and there is no trace of the power in any of the children of Ter or of the Gaimeon young, we believe this time-space displacement might have something to do with it, but we also have other theories. I will be holding an emergency meeting of the Guild in a weeks time, once I have spoken to the Seo council, until this time please try your best to hold the urge to tell your people of these developments.


The Elder was asking a lot, thought Delorn, these kinds of facts being withheld could mean trouble for the first inter-racial leader of the Arrelin people. 


“Ok.” He said finally. “I will withhold the truth until you return, but please remember, Arrelins are smart, if even one of them has a hobby in tracing stray transmissions, some may already know.”


“Indeed, there are two that know that we have sensed, they are right now discussing if they should tell your administration about it.”


“Can you bring them here for me, it would be faster then trying to find them, if they are smart they will listen to what I tell them.”


“I will endeavour to bring them here.” As he said it the strange blue stream-like substance made a pathway around the Elder and he disappeared to re-appear within minutes with two young men barely older than 20.


Kira explained to Delorn how he had traced the signal to a far away point in a nearby galaxy, how he had deduced the signals origin had to be earth and how he was about to inform Delorn before the Elder had arrived. Delorn explained the Elders worries briefly and said there would be an official announcement in just over a weeks time.


The Elder, after returning Kira and Serin, travelled sub world to Gaimea, where he would soon begin opening the mind-soul channel to the Seo Council. The Elder was a very powerful man, almost powerful enough to match that of a Demi-Seo but even he feared opening a mind-soul channel, as it could cause a premature split of the soul, leaving his body an empty shell.


For those wondering what exactly a Demi-Seo is I will enlighten you. The Seos, as has been previously explained, are god like beings who keep order in our continuum, there are many Seos that balance the many aspects of the Universe. However, unlike the mythical “real deities” Seos are not immortal. A Demi-Seo is a person born of the planet Gaimea or of one of the Ter planets, who when they die, instead of their soul splitting into its component parts (almost like a broken down machine) they live on as Seos, taking the role from one who is near his hour. 


The only Seo that does seem to be at least close to immortality is The Keeper of Time.


Once the channel was open, the Keeper of time manifested himself inside the elder, then passed through him, using his energy to create a temporary physical presence for himself.


“What is it you seek from the council Cronin Geronit?”


“Well, sir, it would seem that the next in line for the Seo Council has not yet presented himself, we would like to know what this means.”


“Ah yes of course, our brother James Morris is yet to be born, he will go through a lot before his true power shows itself. Do not fear, for all Keepers of Time are strange the way to come to be. Unlike the original Seos the Keeper of time was not created when this universe was born but rather he was created after, by the power of the Seos, and thus began the Demi-Seo line along with the keeping of time. Before I came to be Seos were in fact immortal.”


The Elder was in a state of pure shock, never before had a Seo told of its own creation and he spoke as if it were nothing. 


“I would remind you Cronin Geronit, that I can know your mind, you should not let down your mental defences so easily, someone as wise as you should know this.”


“Sorry sir, I lost myself in the moment of revelation.”


“Most would, if not all. Be warned now, before the coming of James Morris there will be the coming of a great darkness, it shall seek to destroy the Chain Guild, if it does, then there shall be no more Seos for over a thousand years, if there ever is another.”


This too shook the Elder, for all his years of training, the insight meditation, the guiding voice, he had never expected to hear as grave news as this.


“What must I do?” He asked the Keeper of Time.


The being looked at him and smiled. “You must do what you do best, defeat your enemy.”


With that he vanished, leaving the elder alone with his thoughts.


Kira and Serin were training with the GERT simulator. Their match was 2 against 33, they liked to go hardcore when they trained properly. It was an amazing display of correct missile and rifle technique, mixed with a good deal of misdirection. They had been doing this ever since their return to Alpha-3.


“Man, I seriously think trouble is brewing. I know Arrelin politics are sticky but Gaimea is a spirit guided world, if they are holding things back from the public this is way bigger than anything we have faced, it could be that Earth has some part to play in these unfolding events.”


“Dude you’ve been studying Gaimea too much, you’re starting to sound like one of them.” He sighed, “Although, if you are right then I would like some spiritual guidance myself.”

“According to a study done by the previous elder we Arrelin have a mild psychic power, perhaps if we learn to harness it we could understand things better.”


“I don’t like the sound of hitherto unknown powers suddenly becoming a part of my everyday life.”


Kira laughed. “I’m sure you would get used to it with time.”


They spent the rest of the day training and smoking on some Gaimeon Jiruna plant, like cannabis of earth except without all the false advertising. They slowly begin to loose interest in warfare and begin to look for the signal again.


An hour later finds them watching a movie, its WAR OF THE WORLDS the 1953 version, laughing at it.


“Man you know, I’ve seen the one they made half a centaury later, its in the archive at the library, its even worse than this version.” Kira laughed at the pseudo frightening Alien design.


“Yeah man I remember we skipped school to look shit up in the archive. I read the book it was awesome, I wonder why they didn’t try to make a real interpretation of it.”


“Who knows what our ancestors were thinking. Maybe we should try and find a way to make a new version of it one that takes it back to the original story.”


“Well its not like anyone actually holds the copyright anymore. It could be done.”


They spend a good deal of time discussing which actors they would have in the film, mostly the female extras. That night finds them drunk again on Gaimeon water, the strange, magical substance that it is. Tastes like whatever you want it to taste like and has whatever effect you want it to have, intoxication, healing, literaly anything your mind can comprehend.


A week passes and Kira and Serin begin to get apprehensive, they know the time is near for Fredrik Delorn to announce the early Arrelin mistake, telling the world of our travel through time. Our heroes are worried that there may be mass panic, or Delorn, the first good man in power on Arrelin, might loose support in favour of a madness vote.


TV on they waited for the announcement.


Fredrik Delorn came on right after the main news. He looked troubled.


“Good people of Arrelin, I hope as many of you as possible are watching this, we have set an auto-pause on all other stations until this announcement is over. We have discovered something about our coming to this world. When our ancestors Mother ship the “New Hope” travelled to this galaxy the historically named “Great turbulence” was not an occurrence of space. When they entered into faster than light speed travel they accidentally and as far as was previously thought impossibly flipped from space-time to time-space travelling back in time as they travelled across the stars. We are now, as far as we are aware, over 15500 years in our past.


I’m sure this sounds unbelievable but it is true, the Guild had a meeting at the start of this quarter to try and come to some conclusion and the Elder of Gaimea himself believes this to be the truth.


There are other possible implications from this accidental travel, for a start we may have altered Earths history in ways we cannot understand, I feel however that as long as no contact is attempted by us we should find Earth repeating its mistakes and its triumphant righteousness the way it was always meant to be. If however we somehow change Earths history, we may find ourselves blinked out of existence.”


He turned to look at something off camera then nodded. “I must return to the Council, must try to keep things business as usual. Thank you and goodbye.”


The weather followed the announcement. Oh, its going to rain tomorrow morning.


Morning, the rain never came. Kira and Serin were called by each and every single one of their friends and relatives that day to see if they had heard, some were on the verge of tears, feeling their whole world had been turn upside down, others thought that our being already in a previous time in our history means that there is no need to fear the idea of our existence ended. Kira and Serin were amazed to see there were no riots in the streets, the whole world, despite being shocked into enlightenment, seemed to be going on as it had done for many years.


The Elder was floating through the massive garden in front to the Dome, headquarters of the Gaimeon Army. Ever since his meeting with Delorn there had been a feeling in him, a feeling made more frightening by the warning given to him from The Keeper of Time. The worst part of this feeling was that with each passing day it got stronger, he wondered of the significance of this, it could be that an enemy as the Seo had told him was travelling a great distance and would soon be upon them, or it could be a reference to time itself, perhaps the enemy is a race of Arrelins made mad by the fear for their lives, he would have to keep a close watch on Arrelin, if there is a civil war it could mean disaster for the Guild.


He replayed and replayed the events of the Seo meeting back to himself, it does sound likely that this enemy is an external force, outside Guild control, the Elder wondered to himself why the Seo did not go into specifics, it was of the utmost importance that he know his enemy, the better to fight it. He knew that the Keeper of Time would have his reasons but still, the Elder liked to know all the facts before choosing a course of action.


One of the senior members of the Amber Crown (The Gaimeon Army), a man named Gol Tran, typical Gaimeon skin of mild red hue but with broader shoulders and a bulky build. He was the only Amber Crown member to have hair the same colour as the crest he wore on his robe, the deep orange symbol of ancient times. As he came to the Elder he said “Sir, sorry to bother your insight meditation but we have a problem in the lower training hall, there seem to be some kind of creature loose in Training Hall 3.”


The Elder was suddenly shaken by an almost unbearable pain, for the first time in over 70 years, he fell from his mid air pose. Instantly he sub world travelled to the Training hall, there would only be one senior member there, the rest being new recruits.


In the hall opposite a group of terrified students and an elderly member of the Amber Crown, there was a great dragon, tinted in several shades of black, if such a thing is possible. It looked like it was made from darkness itself, an impossible creature. Too many impossible things were becoming possible at this time.


The Elder acted fast, summoning his Spirit Weapon, The Axe of Hurn, the signature weapon of every Elder of Gaimea. Using immense force of will and strength he struck the beast, the dragon seemed to be unaffected by the might blow, knocking the Elder away with a swipe of his tail. The Elder recovered fast and went in for a second attempt, same result.


Suddenly the dragon changed shape, he became that of a man, still shrouded in inexplicable darkness. The man spoke with an unnervingly hoarse voice, sounding almost pained, though he looked as healthy as a shadow can look. “I am a reflection of what you fear, an unstoppable force, I will be upon you truly soon, how soon exactly is up to fate, until we meet again.” With that he vanished in a black/grey self contained vortex.


The enemy had revealed himself, yet he seemed too strong for even an Elder of Gaimea to match, he would need to find the next Demi Seo soon, before the true battle of Light and Dark begins. He would speak with the Seo Council again to try and get the rest of the answers he seeks, wondering when the named James Morris would come and which of the three possible planets he would come from.


In the slums of Hitaru there was a small warehouse, it was owned by a scientist, half Gaimeon half Arrelin, he specialised in dimensional distortions, wormholes and the like, he researched things that people thought ridiculous, and that’s why Kira and Serin loved him. They were sitting there looking at his newest piece of tech. It was a small cube  about one inch all round on one side of it there was a small L, it was a keyhole in the shape of the initial of the scientist, Dr. Letnear. There was also two bigger objects one in the shape of a pyramid, standing 3 inches tall and a sphere, 5 and a half inches in diameter. This was to be his strangest experiment yet he had told them.


“These three objects, if my work has gone right, should create an inverse dimensional rift, able to lock away a portion of someone’s spirit energy, I intend to use it to store some of my energy, should I find myself near death from an attack and unable to find some good old Gaimeon water, it would revitalise me, and if the attack never comes then I can simple use it as a healing device. The only problem is if I have gotten it wrong in the slightest way I could accidentally lock my soul inside it, if this experiment goes like that then I want you to quickly reopen the device using my key, for should the body start to decay I will never be revived.”


“Letnear man, are you sure you want to do something this dangerous, if I had the choice I know I wouldn’t.” said Kira.


“I know it is dangerous but if I can actually say I have successfully harnessed the power of inter-dimensional space it could be the proof I need to stop them mocking me in the Science Guild.”


“So its all for pride then? Even less of a reason to risk it.” Serin said seriously.


“It is not just about pride, it is about expanding our understanding of the universe, there are things even the Seos don’t know.” They realised he would not be stopped in this dream of his, despite the terrible risks.


Dr. Letnear used some of his Gaimeon energy to put the three pieces of the device together, then using his L shaped key he turned the cube and the device opened like a poke ball and an immense black gas emanated from its centre. It flowed out of the device and once it was gone there were four other gas like substances one red, one blue, one grey and one green that flowed into it. Letnear stood stunned, as did Kira and Serin.


After a while Kira spoke. “I take it that means it was a failure.”


“All I know is I don’t want you to do that again, that was clearly an unexpected result you should leave that orb alone.” said Serin.


“Hold on a minute, I am going to examine the orbs energy levels.” He walked over to his computer, placed the orb on a tray on the table and studied the screen with intense scrutiny. He turned to the two young men. “Technically it worked, there is an energy reading in there but its massive. I defiantly put something in a sub dimension, I just don’t know what it was.”


“Dude what was that black shit that came out of it? Random space matter or what?” said Kira.


“I assume so.” said Letnear. He looked at the orb in his hand. “I hope so.”

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