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Chapter 1.

My name is Olivia Teresa Wood Im only 11, I hate my name. Ive always wanted a beautiful princess name, like Diana, or Rosa, or Mary, nice and royal :). The rest of my family was named after beautiful things, I love their names, but just hate mine. Me and my mum always fought about this YOU CANT CHANGE YOUR NAME LiVY, WHY?! i CHOSE THiS FOR YOU, PLEASE! She would always shout, my family was never happy. I had one younger sister, Annie, oh I miss her. Annie was only 6 when she passed away, just 2 years ago. That was when the family started to fall apart. My two older sisters Jaclyn & Shanita moved to Melbourne with their husbands and my brother, William started living with his friend Marcus. So its just me, Olive, Livy, whatever you want to call it, and my youngest brother tom, hes six now. Hes the closest thing to me now. Hes all I have to talk to.

Its ten oclock, and Im currently hiding from tom and mom, I dont want them to find me at all. I committed a crime in the Wood household. Ok so Ive got my plan. Ill quickly run away from the house, bringing icy poles, junk food, all that stuff and sneak to Heaths house. Oh heath! I love him, hes practically my dad. Hes only 21 and he lives by himself. Mom says I shouldnt always visit him, cos hes got plans and a job to work and all that stuff, but Heath, he says that Im welcome anytime, every time! Were neighbours, so itll be easy to run there. Next year, when Im a little bit older. I think that Ill move to his house. Of course its not much trouble. And heath says Im just a perfect little angel, always.

(Not finished ) So tell me what you think.

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A story about a young innocent, childish eleven year old girl, named Olivia, heart-warming and simply just wonderful!

So its just me, Olive, Livy, whatever you want to call it, ♥

BY MiSS JACi. btw. please submit comments and tell me what you really think kay!Smile

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