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The Faery Secret

  You'd think I'd grow wings the way I was jumping.As my feet hit the springy surface of the trampoline,I bounced right back into the air again.I wore a white silked skirt with a,white laced top.My hair was a color of red blended with brown and blonde.It was a rare color to ever get.I had no brothers,or sisters.Just me,my rabbit Jewl,and my Foster parents:Dona and Terry.


One thing about myself is a secret,though.Something not even I knew until this afternoon.


I was walking inside from the fun of the trampoline to find Dona and Terry both sitting firmly still on the couch.Those looks on their faces made me feel scared inside.I haven't seen that look since...


"Lorenna,"said the once silent Dona




"We need to talk,"she paused and looked at Terry.


"All three of us."


  I slowly moved towards the couch.While Dona began to speak,I was gripping the arm of the couch.Dona noticed this so she nudged Terry in the arm.He silently nodded and began her almost started speech.

  "Lorrie?"he nervously said.I didn't reply,but sat there.




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