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The Lost Fighters

Fantasy story Contains mild adult language, violence, and content.

The Lost Fighters Episode#1

"Appearance of the Tiger"!
"The Day the Darkness Arrives".

Long ago the earth was at constant threat from
the dark forces. The dark forces or darkness arrived and caused havoc,
pain, and suffering. Many lives were lost and soul were changed into shadow
men. They were very evil demons that feed off of the hosts pure life forces.
Soon after they arrived almost all of earth's inhabitants were infected
which made the evil tyrant Nomed very proud. He had complete control until
the four mysterious fighters appeared. They were of goodness and contained
deadly moves and attacks which could override infected hosts. They casted
their powers and casted Nomed away. Nomed was upset and swore that his
later generation would return stronger and destroy earth. The earth went
back to it's peaceful state once again and the mysterious fighter's disappeared
and were never seen or heard from again. Rumor has it that they found wives
and had children that would spawn the next generation of fighters whenever
the darkness would arrive. The cycle of generation fighter continued until
present day today leading up to a young 12 year old boy named Chijiru.
He is not aware of his past ancestors power but his legal guardian grandfather,
Ashita knows of this. Yet Ashita does not know of the approaching danger
on this day. The day the darkness arrives. We begin our adventure with
Chijiru reading a manga (Japanese comic). Ashita doesn’t approve of this
and says " Chijiru you are suppose to be training." Chijiru lowers the
comic and lowly says " Damn, I just started reading this." Chijiru
leaps up and roundhouse kicks quickly. He is swift for his age and strong.
Ashita watches him and says " You are off on your kicks Chijiru. You need
more force." Chijiru looks down and says " Yes grandfather." Ashita holds
up a stiff board and then Chijiru kicks it and snaps it in half. Chijiru
smirks and lowly says "This a good way to get women." Ashita laughs a little
and says "Practice is over for today Chijiru." Chijiru is puzzled and says
"That was quick. I guess I can make it to the anime convention after all."
Chijiru runs in the dojo and changes and rushes out shouting"I'll be back
later Ashi-chan!" While walking down the street Chijiru passes a women
with a tight top and says "Hey ma’am are you a stripper?" The woman is appalled
and slaps Chijiru and says"You oversexed child." Chijiru is confused and
says "It's a respected job by men's aspects." Chijiru rubs the red mark on his face and says "Man, that kinda hurt".
Then from down the street his friend Yoshia sees what had happed and laughs a little and says " I wouldn't blame her Chijiru.
You don't just go around asking women those kinds of things." Chijiru looks sideways and says " I would have thought you'd already be at the anime convention ". Yoshia scratches his head and says " Well I was just on my way there." Chijiru turns and says " Well then let’s go. I can’t wait to meet the famous Alfonsuru Lockui". Meanwhile at the convention kids with their parents all walk around scanning for their favorite animated shows. While signing autographs Alfonsuru smiles at the kids and says" Tell your parents to make you stay for the big surprise." The kids happily run to their parents and tell them about a surprise that Alfosuru has for everyone and he will reveal it after one more fan. Walking in the doors Chijiru and Yoshia look for Alfosuru and see that he is silently waiting for his last customer which is a little boy. The boy walks up to the table and is quickly pushed out of the way by Chijiru and Yoshia. They both hold out Alfosuru’s famous manga and say " Can we please have your autograph sir?" Alfonsuru takes the manga with an evil snicker on his face and signs them. He gets up and shouts " Will everyone please gather around for the big surprise". Chijiru and Yoshia look surprised as everyone gathers around Alfonsuru. Chijiru notices a suspicious glare in Alfosuru’s shades and says to Yoshia " What kind of surprise do you think he has." Yoshia gets excited and says" Hey, maybe he gonna give everyone the first collector comic of his series". Chijiru eyes get wide as he says " The rarest manga ever. I have to have it." Alfonsuru looks at everyone and says" Now it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for." Everyone gets excited as Alfonsuru snaps his fingers. Suddenly the lights explode leaving a dim lighted darkness. Everyone panics as dark shadow liquid men rise out of the ground and begin overwhelming and going into their bodies. Chijiru turns as Yoshia is grabbed. He looks at Alfonsuru angrily and shouts " What are you doing".Then suddenly a shadow liquid man leaps at him. Chijiru dodges and back kicks it into a wall. It splatters but quickly regenerates and charges. Chijiru shouts "Damnit"! as he is knocked to a wall and approached by infected humans. He sees Yoshia and shouts " Hey , man! Snap out of it!" Alfonsuru smirks and says " He can’t here you. The darkness owns him and soon it will own you also boy." Chijiru raises his fist and says " I not letting any of you strange people touch me." He then sees a good looking woman and says " I exaggerated a little." The crowds eyes are solid black and their bodies and glowing. Chijiru steps back to the wall cornered and says" There is no way I can take out this many at a time." Then a man leaps at him out of the crowd. Chijiru raises his hand in blocking position and shouts. As the man is about to leap on him a small glimmer of orange energy appears and blasts the man into a wall. Chijiru looks as dark liquid pours threw his eyes, mouth, nostrils, and ears to the ground. It evaporates quickly and the man turns normal skin color. The other infected people are puzzled but quickly turn to Chijiru and attack. Suddenly the orange energy expands and surges threw Chijiru’s body wrapping him in an orange martial arts suit. He looks at himself in amazement and says""What the hell is going on?" The people approach and Chijiru sweats. Then he flips over the crowd onto a table. The people look stupidly and charge. A man leaps at him then Chijiru turns and hits him in the face, a woman tries to grab his legs but Chijiru bounces off her head and spins to the other side of the floor. He shouts " Wow How’d I do that?" More people appear and then an orange light flickers and an orange ball of energy smacks into them all knocking them out one by one and saving their bodies from darkness. Chijiru’s suit of orange vanishes from his body as people begin awaking normally and mumbling. Yoshia walks to Chijiru and says " Where did Alfonsuru go?" Chijiru looks around just confused as everyone else. At the dojo Ashi-chan looks in the sky and says " So the darkness has arrived again. Good thing I powered Chijiru in time. Meanwhile in space a ship hovers close to earth. A man inside shouts " Damn I do not sense the effect of my shadows working. Perhaps I’ll send more to finish the extermination of life." He then laughs sinisterly in the darkness. Another man appears and says " According to my observation. They were destroyed by the powerful force of a fighter." The man scoffs and says " Whoever this intruder is seek and destroy them immediately". The man then vanishes off quickly. The other shadow grins and says " Soon earth will be in my possession and darkness will rule the world." end

Next Time: Chijiru finds out what his true power is and the purpose of this power. He also has more shadow’s to deal with. What will happen? Find out in episode #2

"Chijiru’s new Powers"!
"Power of the Tiger"

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