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life is short

Deep down in her stomach, what seemed like thousands of butterflies where steadily fluttering round. She could not believe god had made something so beautiful, something so perfect in every way imaginable. He was there, right in front of her, she would have been able to touch his soft skin, oh if only she had the courage to just reach out her hand. She was frozen on the spot, staring in awe, complete admiration strewn across her face. Until gradually, she snapped back into reality. ‘What am I doing?’ she thought silently to herself, ‘I shouldn’t even bother acknowledging him, he would never take notice of a simple girl like me, no one ever does.’ With this, she walked of silently by herself.

Feeling the sudden touch of warm skin on her arm, she turned to see who had bumped into her. The look on her face said it all as she turned around. It was him, standing right in front of her again, this time though, it was different, he was actually holding onto her arm tenderly. She felt it again, but this time it was not the same feeling. This was different. The feeling was up higher now, more in her chest area. What was happening to the young girl? She had never felt this before, all these feelings, all in the matter of minutes, he must be special. Her soul mate maybe. Someone who could take every problem, no matter what, away from her.

“Hey, I’m Noah. I saw you walk past, and I, well, I was wondering... would you like me to walk you home? It’s okay if not, it’s...”

She interrupted before he even had a chance to finish saying what he had been, but she was just too overwhelmed to withhold it. That would be lovely”

They seemed to get on well. They had many things in common. The only things she believed he had, that she did not, was that he was gorgeous beyond doubt. She felt so insignificant standing by his side, like she didn’t belong. In next to no time, they had reached her house; they said their goodbyes, and also planned the next time they would meet up. Had her life suddenly turned around. She had gone from the girl who no one noticed, to the girl that was noticed by a god, and then to form the close bond with him, it seemed all so unbelievable to her, like every day she was with him, she was just waiting to wake up from a dream, to find her back to where she was before. Unnoticed.

Before long, they became a couple. They were both young, but both were genuinely in love with one another. Nothing could ever come between them. She felt like she could never be alone again, like the minute something bad happened to him, she would suffer, ripping her apart from the inside out.

She was right. It all happened one day he was walking her home. He had done this every day since the first day. But this day was to end differently. Out of nowhere, screeching, trying to stop, before it ploughed into him, dragging him beneath it. When it finally came to a stop, there he was, lying lifeless beneath the truck. what was going to happen now. How will she live when he does not? The sirens sounded in the background of her thoughts. She couldn’t do anything, but breakdown and cry, falling to the ground upon his slumped motionless body. He was gone, taken by god, but for what reason. what did she do to deserve this? Was her joy and happiness gone forever? What was she to do without him? ? Looking up towards the sky, she whispered beneath her breath, over and over, “why? Why, why, why....”

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