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The girl and the vampire boy

 Chapter 1


                                         Rose school, the most exclusive school of all, very few girls went to the school because only the rich and smart could go. Even less of the girls had a scholarship there. The boys who attended the school were very different, they are vampires. The girls that had a scholarship were to be charmed by the vampires and if one of the boys had the love of the girl. That girl would be his wife if she wanted to be of course. The school was 5 years for the students, if the vampires did not get a girl they went away for a few years then came back. 

                                       A few days before the school started the vampires were told a bought the only girl on a scholarship there .Mr.Lex told the students,” The girl’s name is Katherina and is from the USA.She has brown with blond hair and has blue eyes, “he paused,” any question’s.”A handsome boy named Derek said “Yes, does she focus on her studies a lot.”Mr.lex said “Yes Derek she does”.

                                   Derek was quiet. Mr.Lex said to the class “ok, no more questions, "silence,” so come to me and get your room assignment.”Derek said”mr.Lex what room number is Katherina,”and mr.lex said “she is in room 103 west wing, “Derek said”Ok.”Derek came over to Mr.Lex desk “You got room number…...”said Mr.Lex “you got room 102 and 104 and 101 are empty.”Derek went to his room to unpack.

                                Derek is a young handsome vampire he is only going through the school cycle for his second time. He has black hair and amazing silver eyes. He wondered how the girl Katharina was. Was she nice, kind, and gentle was she a girl who loved could love him for what he is? Suddenly there was a knock on the door and Mr.Lex came in and said “Would you mind showing Katherina around and make sure the crazy boys do not get her?” Derek said “ok sounds good”

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