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Joy Ride-Chapter 3 (Re-written)


Lake View



Though school barely started, rumors spread around Lake View like wild fire. Teachers were on edge. Security called the police department for help. Since freshman entered, trouble brewed between them and the seniors. It finally escalated to a point to where a few ‘visitors’ were coming up to the school today. Another fight broke out in the lunchroom this morning. As I sat down with my tray, an apple whacked me in the forehead. Laughter broke out from a table across from mine.

“Lame!” one of the kids shouted.

A few more apples bounced against my noggin, causing me to spill my milk. Now I had a headache and a wet t-shirt. Classes dragged on. I waited in the main office for my dad to bring a new shirt.

“Can I leave early?” I asked when he arrived. He patted my head.

“Listen up, kid. You won’t get anywhere in life letting people walk over you like this. You did the right thing coming to me.”

An hour later, my dad and I were locked in a conference room with boy. Mark was pretty tall to be sixteen, his hair engraved with the latest designs. He sat slouched in a chair, hands tucked beneath him.

“No sir, it won’t happen again.” He mumbled.

Big crowds assembled on campus after the last bell. Thunder rumbled in the distance, but most students felt that what was to come is worth being rained on. I also stayed behind to witness the action.

“Pretty sad isn’t it?” asked a voice. A pallid faced girl stood next to me, her hazel eyes shone with a far-away look.

“Yeah,” I grinned. “But what’s worse is that we’re feeding into it.”

We shared a laugh, watching the crowds multiply.

“I’m Veronica.”

“Virgil” I replied.

She nodded. “I always see you sitting alone in the lunchroom. Maybe those guys wouldn’t pick on you so much if you sat with some friends.”

I looked away, shuffling my shoes. “Don’t have any.”

She smiled. “You do now.”

Rain came in buckets now, soaking me to my skin. Time held no importance as Veronica and I chatted, anxiously waiting for the ‘visitors’ to appear. Security lost all control. Almost the entire school gathered at Lake View’s parking lot and refused to leave. Loud gunshots suddenly pierced the air, causing pandemonium. I fled back inside with Veronica hiding out in the auditorium.

“That was crazy!” she said, her voice full of excitement.

“Remind me to never stay after school again.” I gasped for air. She laughed.

“Where do you think those shots came from?”

“To be honest, I’m just happy to be alive,” I said. “But I can’t stay here long.”

She took a seat in the first row. “What’s the rush?”


A chubby officer interrupted Veronica’s response. “This place is closed. You two get outta’ here.”

“But there was shooting outside.” I replied.

The officer mumbled something over his radio. A few minutes later, a woman’s voice answered.

“Ground’s clear. Now beat it.”

“Hope to see you tomorrow.” Veronica whispered before leaving. Stepping back into the cold rain, I checked my cell. Five missed calls meant my father was furious.


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