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Joy Ride-Chapter 2


Roll With The Punches


            A loud clang echoed throughout the hall. Pressed against the cold locker, my feet dangled helplessly while Robert’s grip tightened around my neck, an evil smirk stretching from ear to ear. Everyone was watching in what would haunt me forever. Ten minutes of suffering lasted for an eternity in my mind. Then it was over with a quick tap from one of his friends. Robert released me, joining the parting crowd. Other student’s murmuring flooded my mind, worsening the sinking feeling my gut. I transferred schools to get away from this, I thought to myself.

            Up until October, life at Morrehouse was good. I made plenty of friends and even joined a few clubs. Back in Lake View, activity like this was unimaginable. Students there were too busy avoiding bullets after the day ended. Robert came a few weeks ago, returning me to part of the darkness I thought I escaped. He was around my height with dark arms as big as a gorilla’s. His baggy jeans always jingled from the change he beat out of fellow juniors.

I struggled to hear Leavitt’s words amidst the loud activity buzzing in the lunchroom.

“It will only get worse if you let him keep pushing you around.”

I shook my head. “At my old school, people got jumped just for looking at a bully the wrong way. I don’t need that.”

“You won’t get jumped. I know for a fact that once you stand your ground, Robert will back down.” Said Curtis.

I frowned. “And how do you know that?”

“Because,” he began. “It happened to me too.”

Unfortunately, I had a sixth period class with Robert. There wasn’t much torture while English was in session, but once the bell rang, it was absolute hell. And sure enough after it ended, he and his friends blocked my only path to seventh period, repeating the same line.

“Yo Virgil, I’m runnin’ kind of low on change for a Gatorade. Give me a dollar.”

‘Sorry,” I sighed. I don’t have any money”

“Bull, he growled. “I know you got something, so you can either hand it over or I’ll make you.”

Curtis suddenly pushed his way past the goons, taking a stand next to me. “No you won’t.”

A slick grin appeared on Robert’s face. “Oh you think so?”

The hall brimmed with life. Some students were wrapped in their own worlds, passing us by. Others looked on from a distance. Security guards were becoming suspicious.

“I know,” Curtis replied, wearing the same grin. “You remember that little conversation we had in the Principal’s office. Do you really want to spend a few days in jail over some chump change?”

Laughter erupted from his goons. Speechless, an ugly scowl replaced Robert’s cocky smirk.

“Go mess with someone else.”

“Whatever.” He mumbled.



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