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The Chiming Of The Bell

Wrapped in a blanket on a cold cement floor , light taken over by the night. She had been in better places , but would also admit that she had endured much worse. This time was different.
This time , she was'nt completley alone . In a wierd way it was her only saftey . A woman of many traits , many backgrounds ,and many names . She read the book "sybil" and often questioned in
her mind , if that sad story could also be written of her.

25 years had passed since she had truley been home . Why was she here? Why would she want to come back to where it all began? This is where they came. This is where she learned to protect herself.
I could even say , where she found protection . As if she had fallen into the arms of angels , no one could hurt her now . She did'nt have to hear the angry words of her drunken mother , nor endure
the endless touches of her father. She no longer had to make excuses for her senceless tears , because she couldnt feel the pain. We are the reason , We are her protectors.

We are called "alters" by many .I however question those terms.We all have our likes and dislikes.We all serve a purpose in life and she ,is ours. She has knowledge of us ,she notices the different shifts.
However she is not fully aware of our existance.Some are amazed by her abilities.At a glance you might mistake her for being "normal" but make no mistake ,at the chiming of a bell she can be someone else.
This is not her ability , This ability is placed soley in my care .I decide who comes out ,if there is a need to come out ,and when it is time for her to make her own choices.

My name is Mary , quite generic i know , but mine nonetheless. Katherine , and I are the ones who are around the most.I must say that we don't agree on alot.She is way to religeous for my taste , always afraid
of the things she doesnt understand.I have to sit back and laugh sometimes at the confusion she feels.She can't figure out , how she can trust so completley in "God", and still be drawn toward something totally different.
It's not nice to laugh , but she needs it sometimes you know.She's so touchy about those things.I beleive in the afterlife . I also believe that we can communicate to those who have passed over , she however believes that it
is demonic.So you can tell why the poor child gets confused.(chuckel)I mean one minute she's singing gospel songs ,the next minute she's looking up spells.That part is for me .She only thinks it's her.
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