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my struggle

Theme ; we should never look back in the past,specially if something unexpected and sad thing happened to us,if we rally want to move on....i tell you why i am saying this....


I always been an average student and in my school days i was full of life and never felt that the real world would be different form my prospective.when i entered the world i found myself bound to everyhing.was feeling suffocation in the open and thought of ending my life and by then i was unaware of my such feelings.But soon i realised thet whatever was happening around me was created by me,not anyone else was to be blamed for that.I was in depression because i always expected a lot from everyone around me,after not getting the same results i went on to the path of self destruction.



Then i came into contact with the holyman and he made me realise this thing ,then on i am only trying to hone my skill,make myself better.....and very important thing i learnt not to blame anyone for my failure,not to blame even god.Because we can create our own destiny.

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