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The Gathering Part 2

The Gathering Part 2
Now three hundred years after their families relinquished their powers and gave up the territories. Simon and Elijah
along with their family wake in the new world, but as they adjust to this new world they discover that each of them looked different. For Simon he woke as an infant as does Elijah and as they looked through their new eyes they saw their parents but not as they remember them. For Simon his mother was younger probably in her late teens early twenties and as for his father he too looked different but unlike his mother he looked to be about twenty-five.

And then there is Elijah and his parents like Simon they too looked different. His mother looked to be in her late twenties and his father looked to be in his mid thirties.  Another thing that was different from what Simon and Elijah could recall was that their parents spoke with an accent. Instead of old English they spoke with what could only be described as a Southern accent like that spoken in the Deep South such as Georgia or Alabama. Whichever, it was Simon and Elijah knew that they would have to learn it and understand it.

After three years living in their new world Simon and Elijah found that learning this new language came much easier than they thought it would. Actually, it
was as if they had spoken it their entire life. I guess they have being that they are only three but what is puzzling both Simon and Elijah is that their parents keep referring to them as Blake and Chance, which causes them some distress but not a lot or at least not enough that they question who they are but enough to wonder.

What is there to wonder about when you three. For one thing, why is it that they refer to themselves as Simon and Elijah and their parents refer to them as Blake and Chance? For another why is, it that they feel that there is a part of them that is missing. Thirdly why is it that when playing hide and seek that they find that no matter who is “IT” that neither can find the other until they turn around and back again almost stumbling over each other.

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