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Only a yesterday

They were walking down the hallway hand'n'hand. All eyes were on
them, and they loved every minute of the attention. People occasionally
waved and said there quick," Hellos," hoping to get a response. They
were given the attention that should only be given to the famous leeches
of Hollywood. But then, they too suck the life out of the good hearted.
The class bell rang, which meant that the lovely new couple had to
part their ways. She having to go to Bio and he was stuck in an Algebra
class he flunked last semester.
Their kiss of parting seemed to last forever. It was the kind of
kiss that melts the world away and makes you feel like the only two on
They were blocking the way of the hallway traffic causing a huge
accident of people who were already pushing and shoving. They knew it
too, but didn't care the least. Finally they let go of eachother and
turn to push their way towards their classes.
He's pushing and shoving his way down the hall, but he can't see
a thing. All he sees is her sea green eyes and sweet smile. He suddenly
feels himself falling and then realizes that someone else came down with
him. He quickly smiles and says a quick," I'm sorry," as he helps the
poor girl up. He then goes back to drifting in his pink clouds never
realizing that the girl he had just knocked down and pulled up was
She stands in the middle of the traffic jam and cries. Some stare
but no one really cares. She's only a yesterday in their world of
popularity and puppy love.
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