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The Challenge

Aeryes was now in human form.The battles of ancient times forgotten long ago.Now he led a normal human life.A cold, dark
night, the sound of the wind calling for memmories of ages.Emptyness...It all came back with the sound of a spear pass
closely by his head.He remembered.Eons of battle, his lust for blood growing with each new challenger, the rage, the
thrill of power.And now, millenia after, a new challenger appears."I am Set, and I challenge you to battle by the rules
of ancient times!"Aeryes stared at him motionlessly.He knew that a challenge cannot be denied.He must fight.His memmories
are back, but he has no power, he is a mere fourteenyearold human.Set charges, spear firmly in his hand.The flame in his
eyes, the power as he rushed towards Aeryes.His speed twists as Aeryes thrusts him back.All that goes through his mind is:
"Why does he not fight?A throw, just a throw?He should have retallieted from such a reckless attack!"He charges again,
Aeryes tries to fight back, but there is no more power within him, just the weak human body."Set advances wit a series of
kicks.Aeryes can do nothing, but hope to survive."You have lost it, haven't you?The arcane knowledge is no longer in you!
This is a challenge that you shall lose!Ha, the invincible Aeryes!The one by whose hand fell thousands of warriors will
fall by my power!"Set continued to beat him.With each strike, Aeryes fell deeper into despair, each hit hurting more and
more..."Why don't you just surrender?"As he spoke those words, something moved in Aeryes, the dark flow awakened again;
"I am Aeryes, the one who rules eternity, and I shall not fail!"He rose as many times before, hands laying loose by
his side, his eyes dark and empty.Mysts arise by his side and lightning strikes.Set is blinded for a moment, but as soon
as the light subsides, he looks at Aeryes, now in full battle uniform.The mask covering his face, the amulet around
his neck, the robe of the ancients.His eyes glow red as he rushes towards Set.Now scared, but still selfconfident, he
draws his sword.In a blink of the eye, Aeryes dissapears.Set:"Where are you, you coward?Show yourself and fight like a
true warrior!"A motion in the air, and a swing of the blade..."Aeryes rules again!"Another battle won, another challenge
passed.How many more, the number too large to imagine...But now Aeryes is at full power, and all that remains is the
darkness, the power, the thrill of battle.He will fight, and he will win, over and over again!
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