TINA THE WOULD BE BALLERINA | By: PLB | | Category: Short Story - Children Bookmark and Share


There once was a girl named Tina,

Who dreamed of becoming a great ballerina,

So,she went to the south side of France,

To learn how to gracefully dance.

But, she was plagued with a big problem.

And,this problem she just could not defeat.

She happened to be born with to large left feet!

While the other ballerinas would dance on their

                 little feet,

Tina,would always end up on her saat!

It would make the audiance roar to

see Tina end up on the floor!

But each night as the audiance

             would leave,

 Tina again would come to believe,

She would not let this problem get

               her down,

       No! Not Tina!

So,she joined the french circus,

And became a great clown!

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