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The Gathering

Simon and Elijah were best friends. You could say that they had known each other since time began for them in this world. Born into world based mainly on how much power your family has or how many territories they control can be frustrating, which is how they felt frustrated. Even their families felt the frustration, which is why on August 19, 1639 they decided that they had, had enough so together, they met with the grand council to ask for their freedom.  "Grand councilmen, Java  we your humble servants Micah Curtis and Sian  Knight ask that we and our families  leave your house to construct our own houses in the new world." 

"Sire, Micah and Sire Sian are you and your families challenging me for my crown and houses," asked an angry Java. "No, my leis'," answered Micah nervously.   "Then why do you wish to leave my house and the coven," asked Java.  "Because we have heard of a new world in the west called America that has risen from sea," explained Sian. "What can this new world offer that we cannot," asked Java? "According to what we have seen in this new world  those who leave there are free to do and be whatever one wants not that we are denied that in this world  but for the past one thousand years  our families has been at war and we have all lost more than we have gained,"  explained  Micah .

With their request offered to the Grand council for consideration, Micah and Sian returned to their homes and joined their families for the Wiccan Sabbath. As, they waited in solitude for the council to make their decision  Micah , Grater, Simon, Elijah, Sian,  and Jana talked about what they were going to do if the council granted them their freedom. For Simon and Elijah their dreams about playing sports, hanging out and hooking up with the girls of the new world that they chose not that their family has chosen for them. For Grater and Jana their dreams of finally being able to walk beside their husbands as equals instead of behind them as second-rate nonsocial always pleasing servants  as well as the chance to do something that means nothing or everything. And for Micah and Sian their dreams of living in a world in which a man only fights to protect and provide for their family would finally come to part if the council granted them their freedom.

With their mind adrift about their dreams of the new world flooding their heads, the Grand Council summoned them to the Great Hall. "After two days of grueling and heated discussion amongst the grand council we have agreed to grant your families' their deliverance from the coven and my house but you must first relinquish your powers and the territories that you control and agree to rebirth in the fires of purity," explained Java. Realizing that they would most certainly parish in the fire, Micah and Sian turned to the families and asked, "Are you sure this is what we want." With only a smile from their wives and a nod from their sons Micah and Sian faced the council and bowed.

"So lat be known throughout the coven and my house that Sire Micah Curtis and Sire Knight have agreed to leave the coven and my house," nodded Grand-Councilmen Java. With that, he rose to his feet and dismissed the council. He then stepped to Sire Micah and Sire Sian taken their hands in his and began to chant, "Ayahs, Milicisini Osiiahalen." With his chant completed and a single drop of blood placed on the fifth element of the pentagram, which represent the spirit other words between the eyes on their foreheads. Micah and Sian along with their families fell asleep.

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