Dark Stormy Night | By: Sandi Banksi | | Category: Short Story - Death Bookmark and Share

Dark Stormy Night

I will never forget the walk I made through the cemetery.The day we our  buried my Mother.

I could feel the gray clouds threating to rain, as I heard thunder off in the distance.I ran to take cover. It was   starting to get dark.So,I used my coat as a shield,as I made my way back to my car.When something

in the distance made me suddenly stop.

There  was a woman dressed in white.I was surprised thst she did'nt move.

But,My eyes grew wide with horror,when I saw lighting strike her,and still, she did'nt move!

I ran to my car,and I drove off.

I have never been back to the cemetery since.And I don't think anybody believes me.

But,I know what I saw on that dark  stormy night.


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