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Tyrant's Zetetic

Tyrant's Zetetic Chapter # 1/12

Colin: "Hurry Up".
Colin, Ann and Lesar are most dangerous robbers, belongs to America.
The name of their gang is "Dangerous" but the used to call "Dan" and those who
Know about them also used to call "Dan". Most of the countries know about this
Gang and most of the people like to call them tyrants. They had
already robbed some
important places and banks of America, Malaysia, Srilanka, Indonesia,
Egypt, Sirya,
Sudan and Turkey. Now they are in Europe at Germany in the industry
which used to
manufacture precious stones from the rocks used in expensive Jewelleries.
Colin: "Come-on! Be in hurry".
Ann: "I am not found the key of the locker, Oh! I find it".
Colin: "Quick Ann".
Lesar: “Hey! There is lot of money. We will enjoy and celebrate, man".
Colin: "No Lesar, thee is no time for fun or celebration, we don't have much
time ....... so please hurry up".
Ann: "Ok boys, my work is done".
Lesar: "Yah! Me too, I have prepared the bag".
Colin: "Now move".
They rushed from the office into the car and derived away. Now they are in the
room of hotel making other plan.
Lesar: "Colin when we will arrive from here, it time to attack another country".
Colin: "Soon Lesar but our one important work is still left".
Ann: "What do you mean?"
Colin: "The Bank of Germany".
Lesar: "Oh yah! It is really important".
Colin: "Now let us make the plan".
They made the plan and robbed the Bank of Germany.
Tyrant's Zetetic
Chapter # 2/12

The meeting is going on among Police Officers in USA. These Officers are from
different countries. Miss Marta and Mr. Yon are from Thailand.
One of the Officers:" Gentle men, here I wanted to discuss with you
about the robber
of "Dan" group, you people know very well that they are becoming
trouble for the
whole world".
Mr. Yon: “Sir, from my point of mind I have found that they are in
Germany. I have
received the message that they have robbed Stoners Mil and the Bank of Germany".
Miss Marta: " Right Mr. Yon but from my point of view now they are far
from Germany".
One of the Officers: “How can you say that".
Miss Marta: "Sir, this gang never stays in that country to whom they
robbed. In Germany
only these two places were most known which are now robbed and now
after completion
Of their work they disappear".
Officer in surprising voice: Miss. is that possible".
Miss Marta started walking towards the white board.
“Gentle men, let me make sure you early that before Germany they were
in Turkey and
There they robbed one Bank and two well known factories and as we
heard that news
same time we heard that they are no more in Turkey. It was amazing.
Now Gentlemen
think by your self how smart these tyrants are".
Mr. Yon: “Ok Miss but what would be their next plan. Now which country
is in trouble".
Miss Marta with smiling face, Sir it is really very difficult to find
their next plan but my
point of view is that they may be towards Russia".
Officer: “How would you prove this?"
Miss Marta: "Sir except Germany no more countries are proper and that
much rich in Europe
So their next attach in on Asia may be towards Russia as Russia is
very near to Europe and
Of course rich country. As we all are most sure about this but we
should inform the Russian
Police to be attention".
Officer: "Ok Miss Marta we will obey you".
One of the Gentle men: “Ok gentle men we should make our own plan to
arrest the robbers…
This is very difficult.”
“The plans which we have made are already failed, we never arrest them
and this was very shame for us". Gentleman spoke angrily.
Miss Marta in soft voice, "Relax Sir as our all police plans are
failed so now its time to make an
Territorial Plan".
Officer: "Territorial Plan!”
Miss Marta: “Yes Sir and this plan would be based on one person".
Officer: "One Person, Who?”
"Me Sir.” Miss Marta Said.
Mr. Yon: "Oh so you mean that you will arrest them by your enormous
clever plan".
Miss Marta: “No Sir, I will not arrest myself, for catching them I
will take your help,
I will only control them".
Officer: "Ok all right so what is your plan."
Miss Marta: "No Sir it would be surprise for you".
Officer look strongly at here “Ok whatever your plan is but be careful
they are very
dangerous if they get any suspect upon you they will harm you".
Miss Marta:" I knew Sir and don't worry the plan is mine but I am not".
Officer: I am not ... what"?
“Oh leave it sir... It is.... surprise".
Sir Yon: “When you will start this plan".
Mr. Yon I have already said that It is surprise", Miss Marta said softly.
Mr. Yon gives here angry look.
Meeting is now over. Every one leave the room but Mr. Yon stayed with her and
Miss Marta putting here papers on the file then Mr. Yon speaks in low
voice. “What you wo na do?”
“Mr. Yon” Marta in calm voice “don’t worry… it’s not your business”.
Tyrant's Zetetic
Chapter # 3/12

Miss Marta making breakfast in her house and watching television, suddenly news
Arrive “The Bank of Russia is robbed badly".
Miss Marta: " Oh my God!"
Perhaps in this sudden moment the phone bell rings.
Marta: "Hello".
"Miss Marta I am Yon."
Mata: "Oh Yes"
Yon: “Does you hear the news.”
"Yes I have heard just now".
"So what you think is that these three robbers".
"Off course, there for… as quick as possible I am flying from here
soon to Russia". Yon shocked.
"Ok, so ... when was your flight"
Marta: “Lets to be secrete".
"Ok, so in which hotel you will live".
"It is not a hotel it is someone house".
"Oh I see... so whose house".
“Yon...... I don't want to tell anything to anyone".
"Oh sorry but Miss... who will be with you till traveling there".
Marta stopped for a moment and then spoke in hard voice.
"Mr. Yon why are you asking such question to me, I have already told
in the meeting that now
I will not answer for any question". Yon hesitated
Yon: “No ... No... I mean… just to know that…That...... is that any
problem regarding any thing...."
Marta: " Mr. Yon please... well I wanted to give message, please sent
this message to the
Office that from today don't try to call me, not in phone and even not
from mobile, I do not
wanted to contact with anyone and please to you too, don't try to
contact with me from today and
from now".
Miss Marta closed the phone hardly which noise reached in Mr. Yon ears.
Mr. Yon face becomes red with anger. Mr. Yon have given Miss Marta
Message to the office and
Now he is in the way to his home. Suddenly he stopped driving and
makes his way to airport, all
The way at driving he was thinking of Miss Marta wording which she
spoke in the call.
The airport arrived, he park his car at the side and came out from the
car, standing beside his car
In the search of Miss Marta as he was not satisfied with her. He is
searching every car and entrance gate
To see her, suddenly some one put hand on his shoulder and he quickly
turn back “Miss Marta.... Miss Marta".
Miss Marta: "why are you here yon".
Yon hesitated "I am searching my uncle and aunt... they had to reach
here from London... “Marta show
Unpleasant smile and speak in low voice “Mr. Yon today is no flight of
London towards America".
Yon shocked once more; he is not feeling comfortable to speak. He just
spoke few words “I should go home".
and open the car door for getting inside but suddenly they heart the
voice coming from airport office
"The London Plane has arrived". Yon shocked and quickly turn toward
Marta, Marta was still smiling with
Unpleasant look she said “Yon I just wanted to know that you are
really here for searching of your relatives
Or searching of me".
By listening this dialogue yon tongue started trembling, he tried to
spoke but he didn't because now he have
No words, he was feeling very shame in front of her and of course he
was angry too. He quickly get into the
Car and drive away. Marta understands that there is a problem, between
this plan and Yon. She started
suspecting on him.
Tyrant's Zetetic
Chapter # 4/12
After robbering at the bank after one week. DAN group is now in some
one's rent house planning for next
Robbery. They are much exited of the robbery at Bank of Russia; they
are feeling was in full of pleasure.
Colin: “Friends we have got pounds Haa Haa"
Laser: “I will buy gold watch by these pounds".
Ann: “And I will buy diamond necklace".
Colin: " You can get the diamond necklace without money too Ann".
Ann: “Yah ............ I know......... by robbering at Jewelers.... Am
I right Master?"
Colin: " No Ann.... by robbering in the mughals Museum ... there is a
necklace having four small diamonds.......
We have to steal it very soon."
Ann: "WOW! It would be interesting for me. I like to wear diamond".
At this sudden time laser look at the window, he feel that someone is
standing over there and listening them.
Lesar: "Hey! Someone is their at the window".
Ann and Colin stopped the discussion and looked toward the window.
Ann: "Friends it ran away".
Colin: "Watch who that is".
Lesar run towards the window he see no one and Ann too ran towards
main door she  saw nothing. They
Both came back of their places.
Colin: “Friends our friend George has told me very important news
which I forget to tell you that one lady
Inspector has come here in search of us. He gives me this message at
the next morning after robbery".
Lesar speak out just after the conversation "Friend may be she was
that inspector near the window".
Ann: “Oh nonsense…how can she find us so easily".
Colin: “That’s a good point. Gays we are going to rob means on Wednesday".
Lesar quickly turn towards window.
Lesar: “No…there is still someone near the window" Persons standing
near window quickly vanishes.
Colin: "Hurry…go and catch out".
Ann and Lesar run outside and move around the whole house but even
found nothing and no one. They
both came back. At the same moment Colin's Mobile start ringing.
Colin: "Yes George any News"
George: "No, No News I just wanted to know that are you OK"
Colin: “Yes as usual we are fine"
George: "Are you feeling any trouble. If it is so tell me immediately".
Colin: “We are watching that time to time someone is coming near our
window to hear us".
George: "Colin…You people should be careful more and more careful,
understood, bye".
Colin kept his mobile in his pocket and again begin making plan with
Ann and Lesar about entrance
Of the museum.
Tyrant's Zetetic
Chapter # 5/12
Mr. Yon is very disturb that, why Miss Mara have not told the plan to
him. He wanted to get know about
Her and he is also feeing sorry for airport arrival. "I should say
sorry to incredible lady". Yon call her at
Mobile number but no one is picking up. He understood that she has
leaved the mobile at home.
He fall's anger.
DAN is cutting the roof of the room where necklace is being hidden.
They jump into the room. The
Necklace was protected in the glass box, they were just about to broke
the glass with gun suddenly
The girl jumped into the room she was also a robber wearing white
shirt with black jeans and golden
Hairs but she was wearing mask on her face. "Who are you?” Colin
speaks in heavy voice.
Girl: "A robber and you?”
Colin: "DAN group".
Ann: "Are you here to steal necklace”
Girl: “Yes I will take this".
Colin: "Relax girls. Lady would you join us because there is an no
other chance, we the most
Famous gang is here to steal the same necklace and I think so you are
also not an ordinary robber
as you have used our mind to enter in his museum. Do not worry we will
distribute money among each
Girl: "OK"
She quickly broke the glass by shooting and alarm started ringing,
Colin picked the necklace and
All disappeared when guards enter in the room, they were no more and
no necklace.
The group is back to their rent house. Ann is wearing the diamond
necklace and they are talking
Introduction of strange girl. She took out the mask from her face. She
has bright blue eyes,
Pink Lips and beautiful face. Colin like her “You are beautiful" She
smile softly. Her smile give
more beauty at her face. Colin involve in her beauty.
Lesar: "Let enjoy in dancing club".
Colin: “I don't know your name?".
Girl: “Jill",
Colin: "Nice name, Jill would you join us in club".
Jill: “Sure", she smiles again.
Tyrant's Zetetic Chapter # 6/12

DAN next plan was for the Hong Kong. Before traveling for Hong Kong
they stood Russia
Till for four days. In these four days Colin was perfectly involve in
Jill and She too, in every
Minute and seconds Ann and Lesar saw romance in their eyes. In dancing
club they used
To dance together. These days’ were romantic days of their life. Lesar
they decided traveling
Towards Hong Kong.
Colin: “Friends, today is our best night in Russia and tomorrow
morning will be first
Morning at Hong Kong".
At the same moment his mobile started ringing.
Colin: “Hello!”
George: "It’s me"
Colin: “Yes friend any trouble".
George: "No... No trouble, I wanted to know that you people are fine
there have you seen the
Lady Inspector".
Colin: “Do not worry, we are fine up till now we have not heard about
any Lady Inspector".
Have you heard any message about her?
George: “NO she haven't contact yet."
Jill: “whose call Colin?”
George: “Hye Colin, the voice is not familiar".
Colin speak with smiling face “She is Jill new robber in our group, we
met on robbery at
Museum and now she is our Friend".
George: “Ok then I will call you soon at Hong Kong, Bye!"
Colin closes the mobile. Jill noted him.
Jill: “Who’s that Colin?"
Colin: “He is George Mel, our very close friend, his work is of Police
man, and He is inspector".
Jill:" Oh... Inspector, what he says?"
Colin: “He just wanted to know that if we has heard about lady
inspector or not, she is here to catch us,
But it is impossible, we are traveling from here today and you know
she is here from two weeks when we
Robbed at bank but even does not found us".
Ann: “I told you it is not easy to find us".
Jill: “How fool that lady is who make the plan to catch you tyrants".
Tyrant's Zetetic Chapter # 7/12

DAN group is in Hong Kong in the hotel. DAN planning to make attack on
Bank of Hong Kong.
Suddenly Colin mobile starts ringing.
Colin: “What happen George?"
George: "Nothing. I need my money, my share".
Colin: " Don’t Worry I have but they are in lot. Will you please come
here in Hong Kong in
Rusty Hotel".
George: “Ok ... I will be there soon... bye".
Colin shut the mobile. Jill, Ann and Lesar wanted to enjoy so they all
are traveling towards
Club included Colin. In club they all were dancing together. Jill was
close to Colin.
Colin speak “Jill there is one surprise for you"
Jill: “What?"
Colin said "Our friend George would be here very soon"
“Oh that’s great"
Colin: “Jill you tell me when we shall rob at bank.” Jill looked in
deeply in his eyes.
Colin once again said “Jill I am asking from you"
Jill: "Colin we have just entered in Hong Kong firstly we should enjoy
we will think about robbery
Because after robbery police will be keep eye on us like that we can
not get any time for enjoyment".
Colin agreed.
Tyrant's Zetetic
Chapter # 8/12

In the morning after breakfast they all ere making jokes and doing fun.
Lesar: "Ann Cockroach" Ann quickly put her legs on chair. “Where...”
Lesar reply
“I was saying to you" everyone laugh at her. Then Colin mobile started ringing.
He is George, "What happened George"
George: “Colin I have reached to Hong Kong and now traveling towards your hotel"
Colin: “No George there is no extra room, you please travel for another.”
George: " Oh God... Ok when I will find any hotel to stay then I will
call you Bye"
Colin: "Right, Bye"
Jill: “What he said"
Colin: “He has arrived and searching hotel, he will call us later"
In evening George again call to Colin. “Colin I found the room at
Western Hotel would you
come here".
Colin: "No George hotel is not suitable place to give your share. Well
I have seen a park.
It is a farm house would you come there:
George: “Yes I have seen when I was traveling in search of hotel".
Colin: “Ok just come there we all group would meet you there and like
that you can
Also meet Jill our new partner".
George: "Ok.... you people went these and I will be coming” They both
shut the phone.
Colin: “Friend we have to travel for farm house, George will meet us
there. Ann is the
Bag pack for George?"
Ann: “Yes Master I have already packed."
Jill: “Colin where he is staying".
"At Western hotel, in the way towards the Bank of Hong Kong and Jill
let me remind you
After giving the share of George We will plan for robbery no more rest
we don't have much time".
Jill gives unpleasant look.
Colin: “Sorry Jill, It is our work and we have to do ok friends get
into the car we have to travel to farmhouse…
Ann Pick up the bag". They get into the car and make there way towards
farm house.
Jill mode was still off.
Tyrant's Zetetic
Chapter # 9/12

Now they are in the farm house searching for George. There was no
human in the farm house
except them.
Colin: “This place is good for George, as he is an inspector. If we
give the share in public place
People can suspect on him but this place is safe".
Jill: "Is he coming in Uniform?"
Colin: " maybe or may not".
Jill starts thinking putting her hand on her mouth.
Ann: "Jill, you will see George first time… believe me he is really
very good and smart and.... "
Ann looks at Jill as she was busy in the train of thoughts. Ann speak
gently by keeping her hand
on her shoulders. "Jill is you listen me".
As Ann put her hand on Jill she shocked and said in shaking voice "Yah
what ha aam.....
What you said? Ann: "What were you thinking?
Jill hesitate and speak " I was thinking that I should take one round
of farm house may be George
was searching us at the other side".
Ann: "Ok but how can you know that he is George. I will go with you".
Jill: "No Ann Don't Worry there is no one in farm house, if somebody
come he would be
George" Ann agreed. Jill started walking towards sheep. Soon she saw
George talking
with Colin and Lesar and Ann watching him, she saw Colin giving share
to George. Ann again and
again trying to search for Jill but she did not see. George ask about
her and Ann told him that she
is gone for the walk. But George did not have much time he set into
the car and derived towards his
point. Then Jill came.
Ann: " Where were you, you know George had come and gone too and he
ask about you"
Jill: "I don't know about that, well I am sorry".
Every one look at her.
Colin: “Ok friend lets move"
The all get into the car and drive away towards home.
Tyrant's Zetetic
Chapter # 10/12
DAN is now at their point planning for robbery at Hong Kong. Jill was
still angry and upset
from Colin, therefore she did not join in the planning and walked
toward her room.
Colin was watching her that she is angry with him for a moment he
stops planning and start
thinking about Jill as his love her. Lesar speak out “What happen
Master, you stop speaking?"
Colin: "I am so tired, I wanted to take rest. We will talk about
robbery later... go and take rest".
Ann & Lesar obey him. Colin walks towards Jill room.
Room was looked, he knocked at the door. “Jill open the door, it’s me
Colin... Open the door?"
He knocked again and again then after few seconds she opens the door
"Get inside".
Colin entered.
Jill: "What the matter with you?"
Colin: “I just wanted to say sorry... I am sorry Jill.
She turn her face, Colin come close touching his hands on her
shoulders "Please Jill don't be
Angry with me...... I can't live without you............ I love you...
please forgive me"
Jill looks and turns to Colin.
Colin: “Ok  ... I obey you. We will enjoy this whole week. "Jill agree
by showing smiling face
for a moment she kept silence and then spoke “I wanted to give
surprise to you all"
Colin: “Surprise!”
Jill: “Just gets into the car, the surprise I’ll tell you later" They
all set into the car and ready
for driving. Jill set into the driving seat and Colin next to her. Her
driving was so speedy, everyone
was enjoying with her. After driving at main road she turns into
service road. Suddenly one SMS arrive
in her mobile.
Lesar: "Any Call"
Jill: "No SMS... My friends are waiting for you... and now they are very near."
Colin: "to meet with friends.... just this is your surprise". Jill
speak softly by showing smiling face
“You will be shock to see my friends". Jill started taking turns into
allies. One by one she started
getting inside then after crossing them, she stops the car into the
center where they saw four roads
Ways. Ann: “Jill at which way we have to go". Jill “Sorry I am
forgetting the route".
Tyrant's Zetetic
Chapter # 11/12

They were standing at the centre from where these four routs cross.
Suddenly they saw a car
getting inside from one route, then at the same time another car get
inside, time to time the cars
Come from these four route ways and gather near their car. Colin
shocked "What happening Jill....
The cars". “I don't know” Jill answer. Then the doors open one by one
of every car. They were
Inspectors and officers with full security and police. They all come
to closer their car showing
Their guns, one of the inspector said " You all tyrants come out form
the car without showing your
Smartness........... Come out". He speaks strongly.
Lesar and Ann started trembling and Colin fall into bewilderment “Jill
is we are arrested?
No, No Jill now there is no route to back out... what we will do now"
Jill look him showing confused
eyes and then started smiling she started opening the door.
Colin: "Jill what are you doing.......... don't get down Jill " ... he
shouted at her but she didn't listen of him.
Colin, Lesar and Ann was watching her what she is doing. As Jill get
out the car, the police man standing
beside put down his gun. Then she turn her face and said to police
mans to take them out, DAN
group was still watching her. Then she come close and laugh then she
look Colin unpleasantly
And speak “Sorry Colin.... I am so sorry you are arrested by inspector
Miss Marta.”
“I know you people know about me but it was your bad luck that you
people not seen my face.. I take
of your bad luck and come in front of you in the name of JILL... well
none of the officer, know about
Me that where is I am... because I haven't told my plan to any of
them, well, It is also not your
Fault ......... your friend George tried to inform you minute by
minute... It was helpless... and it was good
luck to me that George didn't see me too, other ways he would easily
guess me because he is a
Inspector ............ well Colin I am so sorry of you..... Your love
can never believe on you.... and you
Believe me which was my luck". Then Colin interrupted " you cheated us
.......... buster....... you cheat
me" he spoke very angrily.
Miss Marta: “Sorry Colin........ It was my big mission to arrest
you........ I force my self to do this".
Ann Interrupt "Jill... If it was your mission then why you rob with us
in the museum".
Marta: "Yah this thing I wona to tell you.... Now you just listen to
me". She start telling her plan
every one concentrate on her and officers and inspector take one step forward.
Marta: " When you were robbering in the bank of Russia there was my
uncle and when you move away
he watched you till you reached to your rent house. I was very thank
to my uncle that at the same time
He called me and told your address, at next morning I reached to your
rent house where your people
were planning for next robbery I was standing beside the window then I
hear Lesar telling you there is
some one at the window, then I quickly hide myself near into the
bushes, Ann and Leaser came out to
see but they can't get me. Then again I came near to window; it was my
luck that your voices were
clearly heard by me, then again Lesar shout, that time I quickly
rushed into the car but was still there,
When Ann and Lesar had gone inside then I derived away from that time
I change myself into JILL
and got into the museum with the same method which you plan.. From
that time I was Jill and now I am
Miss Marta........... Inspector Marta from Thailand."
Everyone was still silent, then she order the police man to take them
in the station.
Officer: “I am proud of you Miss Marta............ you really done it".
Marta: “thank you sir..... But the mission was still in complete....
George is left"
Officer: “Is he here?"
"So you need security"
"Yes... but less"
She get into the car and security into other car.
George was eating sandwich, it was evening.
He was thinking to go back tomorrow morning.
He think that he would tell Colin about his travel, as he dial a voice
of lady answer " Yes
George any problem...........” George: “Is you Ann?"
"No I am Jill"
"How you know then, that…it’s my call?"
"Because only you call into Colin mobile"
"Where is Colin...........? I wanted to talk with him"
“Well... he is not here right now... but you can give me a message"
George: “Tell him that I am going back tomorrow”
Marta: “But you haven't met me yet".
"Sorry Jill next time, I have to go"
"No you can meet me today because I am driving towards your hotel"
George: “Ok .... Then it would be surprise for me ... who else is coming"
"No one only I" They both shut the mobiles.
George was waiting or her. After few minutes the door bell rings. He
quickly opens it
in a though of Jill but She was not Jill, She was Inspector Marta with
her security. George falls
Into confusion that why she is hear and also she was looking so change
because of
Pent shirt.
Marta: " Hai Yon... Oh Sorry.... I mean to say George".
He quickly reply " George who George... I am Yon Miss Marta.... Inspector Yon".
Marta: “NO your real name is George and you belong to DAN group…
You cheated us and............ I cheat you.............. Arrest him".
Yon: “What are you saying? You cheat me and I George”
Marta: “Don’t be so smart you are George and I Jill".
"What! You Jill"
Marta: “Yes George ................. Jill was I and your friends are
arrested by me".
George: “How you do this”? He speaks angrily.
Marta speaks with smiling face "Yes now this is a good question which
you ask.............
I told to every body that I don't wanted to tell me plan until I got
the tyrants but you didn’t
Understand because you were afraid that you also belong with tyrants
therefore tried to
know my plan and for that you watch me till the airport......... and
later I discovered that my
suspecting was right............ It was my good luck that in the whole
plan you didn't see me......
When Colin was giving share to you at that time I hide myself into
poultry farm to watch that
Who is George a new partner of DAN... there I saw you Yon........ You
were taking the share
then I myself did not come near other ways you can easily say that I
am Inspector and like
that and my plan can be spoiled.......... So I did not come in front
of you until you were gone."
Now tell me Yon what should I call you Yon, George or tyrant".
George interrupted “Marta....... tell me clearly ... how you do that
what was your plan".
Tyrant's Zetetic
Chapter # 12/12
Miss Marta started telling the plan in a very clear words after she
told it, security push Yon
Into their police van to police station, then the court of justice
sent these tyrants into jail for
20 years they were prison for their crime. As Marta arrested the
strong tyrants and robbers of the
World, in a result officers and government of Thailand give her
promotion which was the seat of DSP.
The police officers of different countries like Russia, Hong Kong,
America, Europe and Turkey etc
All were very proud of her; everyone was appreciating her and her bravery.
Same day Miss Marta celebrate large meal party in her house as a
reward of her promotion. Every
Gentleman and officers were invited there. One of the gentlemen who
was also the police officer
but of higher class and also live in Thailand per pose her, he was
young, smart and well known person.
Marta know him as he live in Thailand and ofcourse a police officer he
was with her in the meeting
when they were discussing of robbers minute by minute he clap for
Marta and for her talent, he was
very kind and straight forward person, his personality was same as
Marta have for her ideal, his name
was Jack and he told her the he love her so much as Marta was
unmarried and she know that he is a
Nice loving gentle man so she accepts him and soon they were married.
After one year of their marriage Marta went to meet these four tyrants
of who are going to robbed whole
world. They were very angry to see her but they feel that her face was
now most bright then before.
Marta told them that she is married. Colin speak very hardly showing
red face “You Jill you should not do
like that with me". Marta Interrupt "Let me remind you I am Marta not
Jill and secondly this was my most
important work of my life which I done it.............. Well Colin I
am so sorry of your love that she is no more...
that time she was Jill and now she is DSP Marta.... well not
Marta......... DSP Mrs. Jack".
George: “Marta we will see you".
Marta: “See you when after 19 years.... no then people will see your
skeletons". She speak with
unpleasant voice, Colin become more angry and hit him self into Jail
grills to catch her but she move
forward. Colin shouts at her but she keep her smiling and walked away
from there, Colin shouted till
She moves out from there.
Like that the tyrants spends their life into prison and (Jill) which
was Miss Marta get success in her
Plan and life too and like that her "Tyrant's Zetetic" succeeded.
Success is a part of life, those who work for it, in result the get it
in the world there are some failures
and some successful and it is a human nature or it depends on human abilities.
Tyrants are germs for whole world which we have to clean.


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