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I'm Sorry

Baby, I have something I need to tell you.
I turned around and said "ok."
He looked at me with pain in his heart and
tears in his eyes and said...
Baby my life has caused you so much pain, and
I am truly sorry for it all.
Now I shall take away all the pain I have bestowed
upon you, and I shall say Good~bye...
My Darling Sweet Angel I love you ever so very much.
This is my gift to you, may all the pain disappear
and vanish into thin air...
Happy Valentines Day, baby....
He took the gun out of his back pocket,
and placed it next to his heart.
I heard one shot come out of the gun and hit his body.
As his body hit the floor mine grew cold.
Chills ran down my back and my knees begain to shake.
I just saw his body lying there.... not moving,
I saw his body.... dead.
The man who I thought would never give up anything for me...
Gave up his life today...

~ *May God Rest His Soul* ~

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