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I'ts imposssible

“It’s impossible”


            When I was in 6th grade, I was sweet and sour. By sour, I mean wild. There was a girl named Natasha, she was the tallest, wildest, biggest kid in my school. No one likes to mess with Natasha. I was new in the school, I didn’t know anything about anyone. I saw Natasha and I said “Hi Tasha”; she answered “I don’t care! Give me your money punk!” I was scared and I gave her my money. I spent the entire day eating absolutely nothing.  One day, Natasha gave student wedgies; she accused me and told the principal that I did it. My mission was to destroy Natasha, crush her but of course I mean to stop her from doing what she’s doing. I told my sister and she told me that I was crazy and that it was impossible. One day I stood next to Natasha and she farted. Everyone cried in disgust “ewww!”  She came to me and told me “I’m going to juice you”, I freaked out. It was impossible but I also knew that she’s able to break all of my bones due to the fact that me compare to Natasha, I was a baby ant and she would be the bully the would step on me.

            When I told everyone that Natasha was going to juice me; also that I would try to stand up for myself. Everyone started to laugh. There was this one girl that shouted “In your dream!” I was embarrassed, crushed, chagrined; decided to go home. I had to do something; I came up to Natasha and told her “I’m going to destroy you!”

“I rule the school” she answered “not you”.

I rolled my eyes and left. She had a bike just like mine. She came up with this idea, she decided to create a race, she and I. Flyers were placed all over the school. I told my mom and she said “don’t play with fire or you get burned. I didn’t listen to my mom and I went straight for Natasha and told her a story. There was this party going in the neighborhood, everyone must have a partner. Those who didn’t where simply not invited.

            I was an ant an insect, and she was an elephant a mammal. The ant and the elephant pretended to be partners. Due to the fact that the ant had a partner and was invited in with no question ask. Once inside, everybody started to make fun of the ant, not only because it was little but because it was a male. The ant said to the elephant “hey Babe1 come and sit on my lap.” It actually survives the incident. Once the story was over, Natasha said “I’m going to scramble you like an egg.” I shook from head to toe and realized “well oh well”, I headed home.  The day of the race finally came and the only thing that ran through my head was that “I must be stupid”.  I took my little bike and rode to the starting line. After an hour, he race started and I was in the lead. Natasha was only a couple of inches away from me; she sped up and pushed me into a canal. I fell and didn’t give up; I stood up, got on my bike and pedaled faster. There was no way I was going to let her win. We were neck in neck. She tried to pushed me just like before, I pushed her back. The race was so intense, we just kept on speeding and the worst thing happened, our bikes broke midway. The race had to be completed; the only thing to do was run by feet. The thing about Natasha is that she had longer legs. The only advantage that I had was that I was short and could run fast. I ran as fast as I could; I got to the finish line and was proud of myself, I deserved a pat on the back.

            Natasha came up to me and said “Good job nerd” and punched me in the stomach. The air was sucked out of me and I fell on the floor. I was conscious enough to hear a girl defending me.

“Don’t touch her; she beat you fair and square.”

          Since that day, Natasha never bullied anyone. She swore to me that she’ll destroy me one day.

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