Seachers and Dreamers | By: Tarin Wright | | Category: Short Story - Adventure Bookmark and Share

Seachers and Dreamers

Searchers and Dreamers

There are searchers who want to fly
And dreamers that will be free
Of the earthbound that reach the sky
Beyond the stars, a celestial sea

Teachers and seekers and those with no tale
See learners and finders with mountains to scale.
A path of forgotten ways and mornings dim light
Give comfort and healing and knowing a right.

Raise the prayer smoke in the pathway of dawn
And change the world around you and destiny spawn.
A free love, a free spirit, a bearer of change
A captain, a mountain, the visions arrange.

The healers and lives and chronic, mad masses
Seek knowledge and light before returning to ashes.
Searchers and dreamers, the names with no faces
Create light from the darkness in hopes hiding places.

So many have tried to find a new way
But stayed on the broad highway and clung to the day.
Come one!…come all!…and join the bright night
Hold tight to your thoughts on my celestial flight
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