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Quest for the Spear Of Vengence

1. Sir Percivel stood in Heavy clad chaos armor forged by the best order Blacksmiths and Mages; He looked westward to the sun… for there lie his quest for the Spear of Vengeance. He turned to his partner Uther Lightbright an order mage whom had joined percivel’s quest; “Uther do you think it’s really worth it?” questioned Percivel. “I suppose, we have nothing better to do in these wretched lands. The king is crazy from the last war and there is no longer any order in the realm” answered Uther. Percivel and Uther returned to the castle Meliot for tomorrow they embark on the quest. Castle Meliot was a merry place; it was founded by the well-known ranger Meliot of Logres. Meliot had been gone for some time on a quest of his or he would have joined Percivel. They had a feast to bid their travelers good fortune and glory. In his dreams Percivel was haunted by the Dark Mage Baltok whom had guarded the spear for centuries and lived off the flesh of unlucky knights who had tried to gain the spear. Percivel awoke in a cold sweat; he knew what he had to do if he wanted the spear... slay Baltok.

2. Percivel was walking down to the main hall for brunch thinking about how primitive his weapons were when he was stopped by the dwarven blacksmith Steelhand. “We Ave a surprise for e!” exclaimed Steel. Startled, Percivel was motioned to follow. They went into steel’s workshop and just as Percivel was about to ask what he wanted steel pressed a hidden switch with opened a door in the wall. They went down a cold clammy winding staircase until they came to a mighty pond. Percivel had heard about the scorcers pond but never sat eyes on it. It was a shimmering green colored pool surrounded by fog and mist. Out of the corner of his eye Percivel saw Uther talking with the highmage Greentwig. As he was walking around the pond to get to Uther, Steelhand asked him to come to a large wooden door. Puzzled Percivel went anyway, in the room were glowing swords and axes they were bound to the ground (some axes fighting to free themselves) and many other mystical items. Steel told Percivel he was informed to give him 4 weapons. He went into another room and returned with 4 items. Percivel’s eyes widened as he was told the name and power of the weapons. First was the Lance of the Green Knight, which would empower percivel’s healing powers and speed but could only be used on horseback. Second, was the Paladin’s hammer of smiting which would greatly increase Percivel’s strength and make his skin as hard as rock, alas this too could only be used on horseback. Third, was the Maul of the Sightless Sisters that would give Percivel the power to see many miles and also allow him to disappear for a short period of time. Finally, there was the bonesnap a massive chain-mace that would allow Percivel to crush his foes in no more than a few well-placed hits.

3. He walked out the door and over to Uther just in time to hear about his new weapons. Since Uther was a mage instead of a melee fighter he was given Azuwrath, a sword that would increase his spells powers and also freeze most of his enemies when struck. He was also given The Shadow Staff, which would enable him to blend in with his surroundings and also give him more spells. The most unusual item he got were the boots of light, which would make him quick as light and light as a feather. They returned to the armory were they placed on their highly brandished chaos plates. They were Ready.

4. Just one thing they needed! A horse for riding the journey. They were surprised to find their horses also in chaos plates and ready for battle. They walked out along the drawbridge to bid there castle-folk well. They rode off westward towards they barren plain of the dead. They were always on alert as they came to there first resting point. The willow woods of Westwick. They set up camp and decided to scout for some food. As they were walking along they heard a rustle in the bushes. They slashed the bush apart to find nothing but dirt. As they were about to leave Percivel felt an arrow zoom past his face. “DROP!” he yelled to Uther. They were cautiously searching for their assailant when they again felt the light buzz of an arrow whizzing past them. “Who goes there!” yelled a gruff voice. “‘Tis but two defenseless peasants!” they lied. They heard a “Thump” and hid behind a tree in wait for their foe. As he passed by Percivel clubbed him with his heavy mail. When they overturned his body they found out it was Meliot the Ranger!
When he recovered he told them about his captured rangers whom were being held by a stubborn orge named Snarlsnout.

5. Meliot directed them to a spot about 40 yards from where they were and told them that Snarlsnout has set up camp there. They grabbed their weapons and headed off in the direction. They came around the corner to see the biggest pile of atrophy either of them had ever seen! He looked like he had swallowed a horse whole. They walked over to the table as the walking blimp stared at them. “We would like you to release are friends this instance” Percivel commanded. “And whut is there for mee!” grumbled Snarl. “Your life will be spared if you give them to us.” “We will leave and never bother you again if you give them to us” explained Percivel. “And if I refuse!” shouted Snarl. Percivel nodded to Uther, with the flick of his wrist Uther was shocking the ogre with his staff. Zap! Zap! Zap! Over and over they zapped him until he finally agreed to release them. As they returned to base camp they could hear the ogre yelling and shouting all the names he knew. As they knew time was running out they continued their journey. Hours seemed like days until finally they came upon the unholy ground where the spear rested.

6. They left their horses and entered the abyss. Now their party consisted of 3 rangers and Meliot. They could hear a faint scratching sound all around them. They cautiously walked into the main courtyard of the castle. Suddenly Baltok appeared and behind him came an army of ogre’s zombies and what not. They all drew their weapons, tensed for battle.
“Ha ha ha you have done well to make it this far, but now you will perish like the countless others that have tried to gain the spear of vengeance” Baltok said in a grisly voice. Percivel was silent he knew it was best to not let his grip slip and become vulnerable to an attack. “Rangers Ready!” ordered Meliot. Their bows drawn waiting for the instant to let they arrows loose.

7. Zoom that’s all the 4 unlucky ogres heard before they were slain. The battle had commenced! Percivel and Uther were back to back as the swarm of enemies engulfed them. The heat of battle was in Percivel’s eyes as he was in a total bezerk mode as his ancestors had also done in the heat of battle. He heard the yell of a ranger as one fell to the hoard of enemies. With a mighty swing of his mace Percivel was about 4 ogres away from Baltok whom had been commanding for behind.

8. The 4 ogres were engulfed in flames as Uther let loose a rage of fireballs. Now it was just between Percivel and Baltok. Swinging, ducking, left, right, dodge. They were a mighty sight to see. With a quick blow Baltok make a deep gash in percivel’s leg. And with a mighty sideswipe Percivel disembodied his opponent, he had won! Limping into a large room with glowing lights everywhere Percivel picked up the spear. The whole room was engulfed in light as the power of the spear surged through the men. With their new power they would be able to conquer the whole race of the dark elves. And Percivel left that building… to forfill his new quest…. To purge the land of the dark elves…. Forever.
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