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The words com so simple when i feel like this
No one can make me feel any better
Tears well up in my eyes
Feel like i am losing control

Only want to be on my own
Only wan to cry
Let all my anger out
And have no boundaries

Paranoia has taken control
Feel like people are talking about me
Making hurtful comments
Still wish I was beautiful
Still wish I wasn't born the way I was

Once again have to learn
To live with myself
To accept how I am
Deep down I know I am lovely
But at this moment and for a while
Can't stand the sight of myself

Rain falls outside
Tears fall on my paper
My longiness to be better
Hurts my head with anguish
I stress over the insecurities of life

Freedom is a big step
One that I have to take
For the sake of my life
Once again I have to the road
That gives me strength
Not the one that gives me nothing.
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