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Hello Friends

My name is Ramakrishna, i am also a person like all in this world.

i dreamed my life to save the country

i always think that i will go to milatary and take part in saving the world.

i have written my milatry exam.

after my exam finished i went to a beautyful place.

there i saw a beautiful GIRL first time in my life,Your one stop graphic spot


immedeately i went to jewelery shop and bought an ornament and i presented her,



First she said Thank you, 

She told that it was very beautiful,

 she talked with me and she went out.

immedeately i thought that........................!




i fall in love................

immedeately i waited for tomarrow

again i met her

then i told her that




then she told that

i like your words. that day also ended.
the next day was VALENTINES DAY

immedeatly i waited for the day

the son was rised

i met her

 i proposed my love to her

with a small gift



then she also proposed me, 

and she told that our love must be like this Beautyful Roses,

 how nice thery are,

 like this roses we have to be live in this life.,Your one stop graphic spot

i asked her a small gift that


she gave me a kiss.



i felt very happy

then i promissed  her ...............


she asked me what is your life

then i told her , one month back i have returned my milatry exam ,

tomarrow my result will come,

results came,

i have passed in that exam,

i felt very happy,


After a few days ,

orders came from the Delhi,

she felt very sad that i am going to the Delhi ,

she gave me a gift it was.........................!


i said thanks,

immedeately i went to delhi

while i am going to dehli
,Your one stop graphic spot

in delhi i have taken my training


  i have completed my training like a



now iam in the border

i am there in this Jet Plane

while in the plane a bomb was hitted to our plane,

then plane was crashed, 

immedeately we jumped from the plane,

we fell down in a river,,Your one stop graphic spot

then all thought that we have died,

the news came in the Telivision that they were died  

this message was seen by my woodbe and she cried,

but she was not obeying that i was died,

she is waiting at the air port for me,

she still believe that i am alive,   

we all together saved our country 

i went back to my native place

 by seeing me in the air port she felt very happy,

by seeing her i also felt very happy,Your one stop graphic spot
this is my sheld which was given by the commender,,Your one stop graphic spot
here there are two heads,
 that is its me and my friend in the flight crash my friend was died by saving me,,Your one stop graphic spot
finally i compleated my duty and i have returned,,Your one stop graphic spot
finally i felt very happy by seeing her,
and i felt very sad by leaving my friend.
so friends first make a goal in your life and fight for that goal then automatically you will acheive what ever you thought
........................... RAMAKRISHNA KIRAN


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