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My Ghost

"Run, don't stop and dont look back." Riley screams at Caleb.


She looks behind her knowing he can't see whats realy chasing them. The other spirits follow blending in and out of her sight. She pulls him faster causing him to fade as well. They are both panting heavily and are tierd from running.


"Riley why didnt you warn me that your parents are completly mental." Caleb half jokes before pulling her into an alley and taking her into the street.


"Because they arent realy my parents their my guadeins," Riley pants moving a blonde hair away from her green eyes.


Caleb stares blankly at her his blue eyes searching hers. She sighed she didn't see them in the crowd.


"Oh you mean like your Godfarther or something."


"No I mean my gaurdien spirits. You saw what they wanted you to see. Two average young parents but I can see them for what they realy are."


He looks at her like she is the one thats crazy. She takes him back into the closest alleyway. She takes his hand the turns invisible but keeps the preasure on his hand. He looks around and starts to back away but then she reapears.


"Are you a ghost, Riley?" Caleb asks his eyebrows raising under his brown hair.


"Yeah, but I'm still me I mean I never faked that. If you don't believe me then-" the two gaurdiens came out of the alley walls showing themselves to Caleb now that he knew they were faking earlier.


One grabbed Caleb its thorny hand tearing into his flesh, he screamed. Riley hit the Gaurdien on the head forceing it to release Caleb. Then both of the spirits grabbed Riley, Caleb started to fumble backwards onto a different street.


"Caleb watch out!" Riley yells, just as the car runs him over.


"Caleb," Riley watched as his spirit rose from his body. she was so concerned for him that she didn't realize the gaurdiens let her go and had left.


Caleb came over to her and held her as she cried. She pulled back and watched as started to glow and go up. Then she looked down at her self and realized she was lifting and glowing too.


"I knew you were my way to heaven." she whispered softly to Caleb as she reached him.

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