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The Door Of Truth

When you like at a door you think, “Hey, it’s a door lets open it!” Well, when you open that door, you think of looking inside. At least that’s what I used to think. But recently I found a special door. A door that had magical powers of un-imaginable things. I have a story about this door.

I was casually walking through an impound yard. Supposedly the police thought my car was to be impounded and was mistaken for someone else’s. So, I searched and saw no trace of my car. But, something suddenly caught the glimpse of my eye. It looked as though I saw a door. I nice colorful door with some Jamaican symbol with bright colors. From what I saw it looked to be a racecar door, with flames painted on its side. It had some type of power pulling me towards it.

I asked one of the workers where they had gotten that door from. “I don’t know!” he said.
“Liar Liar!” A strange voice said.
“Excuse Me?” I looked at the worker.
“I didn’t say anything.” The worker replied.
I asked him how much that door was, and if I could purchase it.
“You cannot have it. Its Mine.” The worker said.
“Liar Liar!” A strange voice said.
I figured that noise was my instincts and accused him of lying. He told me he was lying, and offered me a price in which I bought it. I for some odd reason no longer cared about my car.

I dragged the car door home which I eventually found out the door told me the truth. I took the door everywhere I went. I was able to get better deals on cars and houses. I even became the best lawyer in the world. You know my secret of how my great life came about. A life with liars. Can you imagine such a thing?
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