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"beepbeepbeepbeep" the alarm sounded in the bedroom of samantha ann lander.she awoke in her usual way hungry and sleepy.amanda , samantha's twin walks in and screams ''WAKE UP SAM''. amanda looks at the clock ''crap'' sam added ." sam we are going to be late hurry up!'' amanda said in a rushed tone.'' sorry'' sam replied in a rude voice muffled by her black top .'' im leaving with or with out you which one''amanda added rushing her twin again.'' can i drive'' sam asked ''no'' amanda replied.sam got so mad she grabbed her bag and said '' i'd rather walk than ride with a stuck up snob!''. amanda looked pised she didn't want anything to do with sam now " bye'' amanda slammed her sister's bedroom door.sam looked at the time 6:15 '' im going to be late and mrs.trea is never gonna let me live this one down''. sam ran out the door, through the neighbors yard ,past the old abandoned warehouse,past the dark make it to the back of the school in to mrs . trea's class just in time.''dingdingding'' the bell rang '' . care to join us ms lander ?" Mrs.trea said to see if it would get any laughs. it did. lexi the head chearleader smirked at sam. "why cant you be like your brothers, kyle and riley .you know they were my best students.sam blushed and sunk deeper in to her chair..''dingdingding'' the bell rang again 1st period was finally over.sam went to her locker # 267 and dylan followed."hey babe'' dylan leaned in for a kiss since sam and dylan have been dating for about a year."hiiiii dylan''dylan smiled as they leaned in for another kiss.''what are you doing tonight'' dylan asked . ''Nothing " sam smiled.''wanna come over?dylan asked . sam nodded was time for mr.daniels life science class."today class we will be disecting frogs...". the whole cheer squad coincidently were in the same science class. they all screamed "ewwwwww!!'' at the site of the frogs being carried in by the science tacher. lexi was filing her nails during the entire class.'' lexi why is it that you always have somehing better to do than the work that i asign you?''lexi blushed .to top what mr.daniel told her she tryed insulting dylan to get me mad. it worked,'' dylan you are a guy and you have characteristics that only a dog would find attractive''. lexi pause she looked at me .''sam you know that you shoulden't have him he's dating you to get over me.aparently its not working is it''.sam's face flushed pure white .her eyes were red with rage.the thought am i sam echoed through my mind , i stood up and i heard everyone gasp. i went to the bathroom .and at the moment when i looked in the mirror i saw it,blood dripping down my cheeks.i gasped for breath. i started to go light headed. i started running back to the room.the rest was blank. my eyes fluttered i awoke. .i saw something, it was dylan.i was at his house .'' oh its just you".sam stuttered . dylan looked confused. he looked at sam ." are yo u ok 'cause you look kinda pale''. sam nodded.dylan laid down and i laid next to him.'' so many unfinished thoughts lie in my head, and i dont even know what they are about .why- ''.sam was cut off .dylan told her to be quiet as dylan picked up a box from under his bed .sam looked up and stared out the window to find a figure move across the lawn ." dylan did you see that person standing out the window ".i said . once i finished he turned his head he saw it too. dylan was leaning down , he picked up something . it was a gun , i became scared .'' dylan what are you going to do with that''. i said scared .dylan pointed the gun at the door , then the window .then at me,dylan tossed the gun toward me and picked up a rifle . i stood up as dylan signaled me to follow him.i did . we went out the back door to find at least fifty people standing there and half of them were armed .they started shooting, they were shotting dylan . i saw sage run past the house . dylan moaned in pain he was hurt.a few guys grabbed me i fought back. i had an insticint plan as my life played through my head. my thought was blood.thats it i bit them i made them bleed .i had the taste of blood in my saliva.i was in my greatet mood. the guys backed of when they saw blood leaking on to the floor. moments later i heard sirens, "dylan" i mumbuled . i saw police come out of cars and an ambulance get dylan . after everyone left i went inside , looked in the mirror. i stood there thinking of what i've done ,what i've become.sam grabbed her jacket and rushed out the door amanda was waiting for her ''c'mon '' amanda asked tring to get my attention.i got in the car , we drove down western rode to get to our home.we went inside,mom ,dad,and dylans parents were there crying ."he was such a good boy i cant - (sobbing) im so sorry sam hes dead"it was mom talking .i stood there in shock my face flushed white and my eyes were filled with rage ." i should have seen them earlier , why would they do this to him he - i loved him , why " i said . i never mentioned this but dylan has or had a sister .She was my best friend thats how we met . dylan and sage were very close just because sage was 4 months younger they acted like they were the same person." oh my god if they found dylan wheres sage?" i stuttered " sam did you see -'' mom asked i nodded yes. ''mom i cant be here any more" i said "honey we'll get through this'''she replied ''no mom we wont you did'nt see him die and you didnt kill that guy they found i did" my family and dylans starred at me as if they were trying to read me.i could'nt stand the silence, i ran. i ran until i could feel no more .i realized am i freakin stupid im outside running away at midnight,and that i just got dylan killed and possibly sage.

chapter 2

after my stupidity from last night i feel like a murderer i killed someone and in return they killed the love in my life so,(sigh). ''dalle delay dalle delay dalleee ''

sam didnt answer her cell because she did not reconize the call.the caller left a message ." samantha i know who you are so meet me at the dark alley in fifteen hours and we'll give you sage ,bring the gem of darkness to make the exchange if you dont your precious sage will be dead, good bye samantha ." sam shivered . sam was still out side, in the woods by herself or she thought she was all of a sudden she heard a rustling of leaves and saw a was the one she saw at dylans house . '' i sense power , o your hiness its you".the shadowed said with a little bit to much enthusiam." huh? me a queen your kidding .your kidding right?''. sam replied in a dramatic tone .it shook its head no." you know who i am?dont answer that , you've been gone for a very long time. the thrown has been over powered my dark hiness ,your nemissis has taken over." wait im a dark hiness than what am i and how do i have"great '' power? sam asked it stepped forward . it knelt down '' wait i dont remember you having dark possesions! " sam saw it it was a wolf talking to her , it stepped forward once more it kept repeating this until it was a foot away. it raised its head upward it howled. sam did the same .'' why did i " sam wondered. '' instinct'' . " whats your name?'' '' o me im a wolf named migrawl " .'' am i a wolf? because i crave blood to much so that cant be possible can it". it nodded and dissappeared into the night. sam thought alll night and woke up miles away from her home. she lay in the woods thinking about what she thought was a vivid dream until she tasted something it was blood. sam realized that what she thought was a nightmare , was real. she killed again .

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