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Midnight Dreams

Midnight Dreams:(horror) by, Danielle Evans
Her heart pounded fast as she raced into the forest, following the sound of her daughters scream through the trees.. She finally ran  into a clearing and she saw a cliff up ahead. She took a sharp breath as she saw a figure on the ground.. She ran over to the figure. It was her daughter! She turned her over and screamed as she fell to the ground shaking. Her daughters eyes were gouged out and her lips were sown shut. she got up still screaming and crying and turned around and ran through the trees till she got to town. "HELP!!!" PLEASE! SOMEBODY HELP! MY DAUGHTER HAS BEEN MURDERED!!! Someone, grabbed her forcing her to the ground. She blacked out.
Chapter 1:


LET Me out! Let Me out! I didn't do it! I only tried to save her! Please you have to believe me! Doctor! A frightened Nurse screamed. "Come Quick!" a doctor rushed in a worried look on his face. Tighten her straps! He yelled. Please! A young woman screamed as she shook trying to break free of her bonds. Her hair was matted down with sweat and her eyes were rolling to the back of her head. The doctor quickly tied a tourniquet on her arm and grabbed a needle. "NO!!!" She screamed. He stuck the needle into her arm and she glinted her teeth and closed her eyes as pain seared up her arm. Tears ran down her cheeks. Then she screamed and shook the whole bed. A bunch of nurses and doctors ran in and held her down she looked over at her bedside clock and it said 12:00 am. Natalia! A young woman called. Come in. Its time for dinner. The woman was tall with sandy blond curly hair and green eyes. She had a soft gentle look about her. She was dressed in an old patched up dress with an apron tied around her waist. "Come on sweety, before your supper gets cold. A young girl stood at the edge of the forest that surrounded her house, her back was turned to her mom. she stood still. She was about 10 or 11 years old and she was wearing an old patched up dress, her mom had made for her. The girl didn't respond. Natalia! I am not going to ask you again. She started down the stairs towards her motionless daughter. Natalia what are you staring at? she grabbed her daughters arm and fell to the ground screaming. Her daughter had no eyes, and her mouth was sown shut. Her limp lifeless body collapsed onto the ground, her mom still screamed. then she got up off of the ground and ran into town, screaming, "MURDER! SOMEONE HAS MURDERED MY DAUGHTER!" Someone grabbed her forcing her to the ground. MY DAUGHTER HAS BEEN MURDERED! She screamed. Everything is alright a faint voice said. your daughter is alright, shes alive. "Nnnnoo... she opened up her eyes, and saw a doctor insert something into her arm, and she looked over at her bedside clock and it said 12:00 am. then she blacked out. Ring around the rosey..... she heard faint singing of children, she opened up her eyes and found herself lying in the middle of a forest. The moon stood full above the trees. Then she heard laughter amongst the trees she turned her head and saw dark figures dancing in the shadows singing. They had a soft and mellow kind of playful voice. Pocket Full of poesy..... all the trees around her started to spin, she heard playful laughter, Mary! small voices called. "Come play with us Mary." Come play! They urged. They playfully laughed again. The moon glowed casting beautiful shadows on the ground. Mary ran following the sweet laughter through the trees, she finally came into a well lited clearing. Children where in a circle facing each other. then they started dancing circling and laughing. Ashes.....Ashes............ Hello? she called. Come play with us Mary! Come play! they called. please? Mary felt her feet glide gently on the ground as she slowly walked towards them. They laughed again. That's right Mary come play with us.


Chapter 2:


Wha.... what do you want with me? She heard herself ask. She voice sounded weired it sounded far away. Oh we only want to play. They laughed. she slowly reached out her hand to touch them, when they suddenly stopped singing and dancing and they turned their backs to her and stared in the opposite direction, they didn't move at all she reached out and turned one of the kids around it was a little boy, she stumbled back in horror, the child had no eyes there was blood falling down his pale cheeks, and his mouth was sown shut. He gently reached up and undid his mouth smiling. Whats the matter Mary? Don't you want to play with us? Nnnooo....... where is my daughter? she asked. She is here with us. she is playing with us. Why don't you come play? Leave me alone! I want my daughter!!! They laughed their laugh echoing through the trees. She took off running, their laughter echoing through the still night air.  she came to the edge of a cliff and looked down there where sharp gagged rocks at the bottom. Mommy? she heard a small voice behind her she turned around. and there where children all around her. A wispy figure suddenly came in her face, We all fall down.... the figure pushed her back and she tumbled off of the cliff. She screamed as she fell she saw the children watching her fall. They were smiling. She expected to be crushed but instead she landed on something soft. she opened up her eyes. She was in a dark dusty room. a little sunlight escaped through the dusty windows. She heard a scream and sat up. She suddenly felt very scared. there where three figures standing in a corner with their backs to her. Hello? she asked. Her throat hurt. Doctor? she called. Hello? Its ok Mary. your ok. One of the figures turned around and walked towards her. It walked in a slow jolting kind of way. It was a little boy and he was limping towards her. She tried to get away but couldn't. The little boy reached out and touched her hand, his skin was icy cold and clammy. A jolt went through her body. She was standing, and saw a figure at the edge of a cliff it was her daughter.  Natalia, get away from the edge honey. she warned. Natalia smiled at her and held out her arms. Then she fell backwards laughing as she fell. NATALIA! NO!!! Mary ran to the edge of the cliff and looked down. Her daughters body lay motion less on the rocks bellow. She heard laughter behind her, and then little clammy hands pushed her off of the cliff and she fell into darkness. "Your Running Out Of Time!" A distant voice said. She heard a small laugh, and opened her eyes screaming. She felt hands pressing her down and saw a doctor insert something in her arm. She shook and looked around, everybody seemed to be in slow motion and blurry. She heard a faint alarm go off she looked over at her alarm clock and gasped, it said 12:00. She shook and then fell, she landed hard on the dusty ground and got up, she heard screaming, and hurried footsteps. She saw blurred visions of mothers carrying children, and young men running she felt flames hit her bare skin. She realized that the place she was in was on fire. Beams came crashing down onto the ground burning to ash. The air was filled with smoke. Everything around her was going in slow motion. Thorough the screams and dust flying she saw a little boy standing in the middle of it all not moving just smiling.  She limped over to the smiling child and grabbed his arm, it was clammy, he opened up his mouth wide and screamed. Everybody around her Froze. They looked at her, they all had no eyes. The little boy shook and turned into a skeleton, and then the skeleton crumbled and turned to dust. "WITCH!" They all screamed at once. Shes a "WITCH! "BURN HER!"



Chapter 3:


They picked her up and carried her to the stake and lit it on fire they tied her with metal chains and they quickly heated up. She Lifted her head and screamed as the flames engulfed her. Mommy? Are you ready to play yet? A small voice asked. She opened her eyes and found herself being led into the middle of the forest, the moon brighter then ever. She was Led gently by the grasp of a clammy, cold handed child. They all danced around her, their laughter lingering in the still air. They led her to the edge of a cliff. She looked back at their smiling dead faces, then she looked out frozen in fear. She heard a faint shrill scream then a shout. "MARY! "NO!!! She opened up her eyes and saw herself standing on the ledge of an open window looking down, she turned her head and saw the doctor running towards her in slow motion. Common Mary. The children urged. Don't you want to be happy? They asked. She stared off the edge of the cliff tears rolling down her cheeks. Yes. I want to be happy! She heard shouts and looked down at a crowd of people standing pointing up at the window with their hands over their mouths. She saw her daughter staring up at her smiling. Mommy. come down and play with us. please mommy? She looked behind her and saw the moonlight dance on the children's messed up faces.she turned forward then looked back again, the clock said 12:00. She closed her eyes and jumped. Screams and laughter surrounded her. I Just want to be happy. she said as she fell. That's right mommy. I want you to be happy. As she fell she had a bunch of flashbacks. She saw her daughter get murdered by a man, and then she watched in horror as he killed a group of other little children that where bond and gagged. Then she watched as he dug out their eyes with a knife, then he sowed closed all of their little mouths. Then he layed them all in a circle. And wrote 12:00 in the dirt in the middle of them. Then he shot his head off. She felt the wind on her face, as she fell, I just want to play, I want to be happy. Then all went black.  " Let Me OUT! An elderly woman screamed as she strained against her binds. She looked over at the wall clock and saw it said 12:00 She closed her eyes then opened them again. She found herself in the middle of a forest, surrounded by laughter, a little girl approached her smiling. Will you play with us? she asked with a grin.

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