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The Masked Artiste

The Masked Artiste

In 2003 there was a highly unusual occurrence that exclaimed the people of Mexico city, It happened (on the 23rd of February) in a dark, dark evening when there was a power cut throughout the whole city.

Along side the city, there was a little peaceful village with nothing much happening in it. Until that day.

Reports were coming in simultaneously. “The amounts of deaths are increasing rapidly”. But why? Some police officers went down with their fully loaded polished shotguns, whilst aiming their torches at the suspicious areas. The villagers were terrified as they hid in their basements watching the officers merge into the shadow of darkness from the small hole in the wall.

Mr Rodriguez was a small greedy man who really, only cares about himself but it isn’t all his fault because his parents brought him up with that sort of lifestyle. The short but sinister man lived with his family in one of the microscopic houses. He decided that he was going to hide in the basement. So he was hiding in the big old basement looking through his holed wall. It’s a bit obvious that Mr Rodriguez couldn’t see through the hole 2 feet above him so he had to step on the loose, rusty pipes which heated his bedroom. He thought that he shouldn’t let any of his 3 innocent kids have a working radiator in their room because he didn’t have one when he was a young bullied kid.

His first kid was called Sparrow – it is because his mother loved birds and the sparrow is her most desired one. Sparrow at that time was 19 and great in all areas of science. He was an “A star” student. He used to revise all day because he wanted to prove to his younger brothers that if you work hard in life then what you desired is what you will deserve.

The second boy was called James – that’s the name that the boys grandma recommended and its also his great grandfathers name; James’ grandfather was a lucky man. James at that time was at an age of 13. But unlike his brother; James was interested in joining the army. So even though Sparrow was bored of it he listened to his brother bragging on about how good he would use his weaponry if he had some or he’d just constantly keep talking about what weapon does what! He was also incredibly interested in Area 51.

The third kid was called Will – because the boy was outstandingly good looking. When the boy grew up he had a great interest in cars but especially in Barley Hayvidsons. At the age of 9 he knew the name of nearly all land vehicles that were mass produced. Like his brother James; Will never stopped informing his much older brother Sparrow about motorcycles and which ones are the best.

When Mr Rodriguez and his family were glaring outside they saw nothing but darkness, it was as if somebody had thrown a jet black cloth over the village. But finally Mr Rodriguez’s 3rd son spotted one of the police officers and so he shouted right in his mum’s hairy ear and pointed to the officer. Unfortunately for Will; he got a slap so hard that his mum could have slapped him into another nationality!

Boof! Something hit the ground heavy and hard so the family stared in a frightening shock! A few minutes went by but nothing happened. Then suddenly it looked as if the officer had been yanked into the darkness. There was silence all round. It was so tense that not even a breath could have been allowed to be inhaled. But the pain was too bad for the child to stay silent and so a cold tear drop fell to the stained floor. Splash! Mr Rodriguez turned around and at the precise moment he was turning round to strangle his child there was a fleshy tear sound that echoed from the park. Everywhere, everything, every building was black except the officer! He was scarlet red. And so was Mr Rodriguez’s face when he turned around. It was splattered. It was frightening. It was blood. The family gasped and screamed.

But Mr Rodriguez didn’t know what was wrong so from the fear of the looks on his children’s faces he fell of the pipes and they broke. They broke so easily that it was like bending a paper straw. But the steam started to leak, suddenly a gigantic screeching sound was recognized by the mother. It wasn’t physically possible to make such a loud sound. That couldn’t possibly be true because that means…

The non-human sound heard from the attic petrified Mr Rodriguez and his family so they slowly and lightly tiptoed towards the storage under the stairs and hid there. After about a minute of hiding, a big clash was heard and they thought it was as if someone fell down through the fibreglass heating to the second floor. In actual fact they were close, it wasn’t someone, it was something! Those thoughts scared the family into praying for help as they were quite a religious group. After the family started reading through the mum’s pocket bible, the mother herself started crying and Mr Rodriguez shut the book because it was just making her concentrate more about what could it be; or more importantly what’s going to happen to them and how. Dramatically some slushy, gooey steps sounds started to take place on the stairs coming down from the second floor to the first floor. So whatever it was, it was close. It was also getting closer and closer and closer until they were being very uncomfortably scared. James had to shift to the left because there was some sort of hot sizzling liquid pouring from the top of the old rotting cupboard. The next thing the family heard were creeks coming from the steps of the basement. What was it? The reverberation was coming closer and closer until… CREEK! The rusted hinge door of the compact cupboard opened in a corrupt fashion. But what was outside? Nothing could be seen. It was pitch black.

They all huddled together excluding the Sparrow because they couldn’t find him. Unsurprisingly Mr Rodriguez didn’t care about him because he would almost certainly be dead so he decides to care about the living rather than the dead. Swiftly, Mr Rodriguez got a touch on his larger shoulder and when he looked up with anxiety he…

A few years passed on and it was the year 2009 April the 18th, the mother of the sons and her two alive kids were in quite a doubt when they saw some sort of darkness forming outside of their double glazing windows right in front of their very own eyes. They hid in the basement with a radio to see if the war of the anonymous mercenaries would be over. When they hid in the cupboard they were hiding in the same cupboard as the last event, they were hoping that the things wouldn’t have memorized the area they hid in and so they wouldn’t take anymore of the family away! But when the things came down again then the phobia was in full swing. Desolately James disappeared in a blink. Once again, the mother was completely secure.

Then again a few more years flew by until 2020 November 18th, The Will son was coming home to check if his mother was in tip top condition but because he was in such a rush he collided into a motorbike on the motorway. His body had been run over several times before the police found him twisted and tangled in his own body parts. When the police department rang up the old mother she was devastated. Then she was about to faint but she stayed confident as she has learned to do so in the last two decades. Then what she saw or even more accurate: what she didn’t see next was an even more horrifying fact to add to her son’s death. Darkness. She couldn’t handle it any more so she gave herself up and walked eyes closed forward. Disappearing into the mist of darkness. Falling into the shadow of anxiety. FLASH! A huge bright light was shining from the west heading towards the old mother.

It was a young tall guy with a mask on. Driving down with his 1992 Barley Hayvidson motorcycle at full speed. He started slowing down when he was approaching the old lady. But he wasn’t going to stop. He picked her up with his big muscled left arm and physically threw her on to the back of his bike. The young fellow dropped by the local weapon store to buy a football sized black gas filled hedgehog grenade that he will be able to use on the things. He dropped the old lady off at the store and paid the store manager a wealthy fee to take care of her, and so he agreed. The young lad set off with his grenade and zoomed towards the darkness! He found it and went straight into it. One minute went by. He didn’t come out. But then, out of the blue he re-appeared with no grenade in his hand. He quickly told everybody he could see, to take cover. There was a gigantic explosion that took place. The darkness was decreasing. The war had finished!

He started to head back to the old mother. He walked up to her and she thanked him very much. Then the artiste of alienology took of his ski mask. It was Sparrow!  

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