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Why I Left You

Why I am leaving you?Your family treats me rough nothing I give you is ever good enough.

Your son treats me like shit.† You are always on my tit. Always way too lit. You donít eat my clit.†

Treat me like trash constantly on my ass.Itís like you donít go away youíre like a bad butt rash.

Iím leaving you now feeling unworthy of being a part of your life.

For 3 years have been saying you are going to make me your wife!Donít be trife.

I†want to be alone.Disconnect my phone.Find a more compatible situation.Even if that means solitude and isolation.

Call me a slut beg me for butt.Constantly hate. ††Love for me is something your heart canít create. Damn your too late I told you once I told you twice.Iím not Betty Crocker I love red beans and rice.Now you pay the price.

Be†her and†Not be me.Salsa dancing, mangos, coconuts on the beach carefree.Only one Damary Lee.

Outspoken Boricua with a heart of gold and stamina for hours I made you feel old. Weak so meek my loving was so hot begging me for a kiss but I left you on the spot.

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