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The Biggest Ice Storm in Indiana History

January 25,2009  Sunday

  It was cold outside,and had started iceing hail dureing night time.The weather reporters had pronouced the ice would turn into snow on Tuesday.I hadn't expected what was about to happen on Tuesday night.But it was probably the worst thing that had ever occured in Indiana history.I was sitting on the desktop because my laptop had broken down in November.Me and my dad were peering out the window probably,every 5 minutes.He had said 'There probably wasn't going to be any snow'.But I said 'They're maybe,and they're may not be.'A couple of minutes had passed,and BOOM!Just like that,the sky began hailing ice.I acted real smug about it and said 'Told you it was gonna snow.' Of course my dad made a comment back as always and said something like 'It's hail,not snow.'.

  January 27,2009 Tuesday

  I had gotten dressed and gone to school;putting on a long sleeved shirt to keep me warm.Before I went to school,I slept on the couch until it was time to go (as always).I was alittle grouchy that morning,but thank god not alot.In 5th period(social studies),my teacher Mr.Jenks had said we were probably not going to get to take the test on Wednesday because of the snow storm that was going to hitOf course,Mr.Jenks had said 'If we don't get to do the test on Wednesday,we'll do it Thursday.' We all were pretty pissed.But,he was completely wrong of what was about to happen.

  It had hit night fall and me and my brother Mason were watching SuperNatural on DVD.My brother and me had jumped when we heard something hit the ground outside of our house.He began to get up,but I pushed him behind me and walked up to the window and peered out.I didn't see anything,so I opened the door.Nothing.All I saw was hail.We sat down,and we heard it again.I told him to just ignore it this time.So we did.Our mom called,and I told her the lights had been flickering as if they were going to go out.She said,'If they go out,get daddy up.' So I agreed and told Mason he could sleep on the couch with me.I slept at the foot and he slept on the big part.Mason continued watching SuperNatural,while I slept.

 January 28,2009 Wednesday Morning

I hadn't known how many hours had passed,but I was sure it had been quite a few.I remember my brother wakeing me up,panicing,and telling me to call mommey.I didn't even remember picking up my cell phone and calling her,but aparently I did.She called back and had spoke to my dad.A couple of minutes later,my dad woke me up and told me to start packing.I was blinking and just stareing at him.I didn't know what was going on.He told me me,my little brother Mason,and my big brother Micah were going to my Grandma and Grandpa's house for awhile.Aparently,the lights had gone out,transformers were blowing left and right,and trees were breaking in half which crushed houses,cars,and power lines.A huge tree had slamed against our house when I was sleeping.My dad had said 'It looked like the end of the world was here.'.The trees were smoothered in ice and the sky would light up a pinkish color whenever a transformer was about to blow.

  My grandpa had come picked us up,and what do ya know?As soon as he got there,his wife called and said 'The power went out here.'They live in Kentucky,Louisville which is across the bridge from Clarksville,Indiana. What else would you have expected dureing an ice storm?We made it to their house and snuged up in blankets and some food we picked up.It had hit 11 a.m,and my grandma said we had to go to her dads place because her power had not been back on yet.So we got in the car and packed up;then headed to McDonalds for some food.My brothers and I,then got drove to his house.Which,on the way I took pictures with my video phone.

  We had got there somewhat close to noon,and sat down to eat.The boys went to watch television in the other room while I continued eating.I stared at the news channel that apeared on my great grandpa's t.v.Schools were being closed down in Indiana for the rest of the week.I just shook my head in disbelief at the site I saw.Once I finished eating,I went to watch television with my brothers.We watched cartoons,then switched to the news.My grandma had came in an hour later and asked us if we wanted to go to our Uncle Todd's house until the storm blew over.We would of had internet connection there for our laptops.So we agreed.

  Our uncle arrived around 10 or 11 p.m.It hadn't took but 10 minutes till we got to his home.Upstairs in they're loft,I slept on a air mattress;my brothers on a fold out couch-bed.The rest of the days went the same at their house,nothing changed.But Todd's wife Melody fixed us breakfast and gave me some medicine for when I was sneezeing to death.My parents house had got so cold that they had to come stay with Todd,Melody,his kids,and us.The family frogs had bloated and froze in the frog tank.My cat,my dads cat,my moms dog,and my guniea pig had survived;and my dad said 'As soon as everyone else got they're power,our power line snaped.'

January 31,2009 Saturday

  We got to go home on Saturday but the computer didn't work until Sunday or Monday.That was the biggest ice storm,I had even seen in history;and it was.In Indiana history.

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