Ghosts of my lies | By: Charlene (Charley) Goddard | | Category: Poem - Depressing Bookmark and Share

Ghosts of my lies

A glimpse of a hope I once had,
It failed to light up my path.
It's a song that's not supposed to be sad,
Yet I'm drowning in it's aftermath.
Dark cloaks over memories store over time,
Collecting the dust that once inspired me.
There's no play left to act and no role left to mime,
Through the dust I'm all I can see.
I knew I was wrong yet you failed to react,
I fell into a traitor's trap,
Though through deceit you never hacked.
Cold shivers through closed windows flap.
Finaly guilt became too much to cope with,
I'd lied to myself and you failed to forgive.
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